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Case Study: SDEE Muntenia Nord

Driving utilities towards a brighter future

SDEE Muntenia Nord is revolutionizing how it serves its customers by gaining real-time visibility for quick response to what is happening in the field and across its substations. The utility worked with Cisco to create the backbone of its modernization to a fully digitized utility – for remote automation, distribution control, and IoT for security and resilience.



  • Protect market share by increasing IT and operational security
  • Improve the consistency of electricity supply to the consumer
  • Reduce the number of utilities interruptions to customers


  • A software approach for energy distribution automation running on a Cisco IOx IR 809G Router
  • Deployed a solution to manage the legacy and next generation components of an evolving smart grid
  • Securely connect existing and new smart grid automated control of secondary substations


  • Connected existing and new smart grid automated control for utilities distribution systems operators
  • Ensured ease of management for SCADA using the Cisco Fog Director
  • Delivered critical state-of-the-art security Incorporated embedded software applications

SDEE Muntenia Nord leading the way

SDEE Muntenia Nord is leading the industry by deploying this flexible solution to manage both the legacy and next generation components that make up today’s evolving smart grid – for operational excellence of the digitalized utility network.

SDEE Muntenia Nord

Who is SDEE Muntenia Nord?

Industry: Utilities
Location: Romania
Company size: 2,000+ employees