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SD-WAN Case Study: Reece Group

Always connected workplace with Cisco SD-WAN

Reece Group leverages Cisco SD-WAN to allow their staff to connect to applications they need to service customers. Cisco SD-WAN enabled Reece to prioritize cloud applications and deliver better application performance to their branch network for an always-connected workplace.



  • Inefficient use of available bandwidth
  • High management overhead of multiple carriage data services at a single location
  • Unsuitable base for future projects (in store digital services and security)


  • Rapid deployment of branch locations
  • Improved business return on network investment and technical staff
  • Secure and scalable platform to enable enhanced in-store services
  • Improved branch availability and bandwidth utilization to improve end user application experience

What they're saying

With Cisco SD-WAN, my life as a network administrator is significantly easier. To deploy new configurations and policy changes across the entire network, what would have taken a very long time previously, touching many devices individually, now takes a matter of minutes.

Peter Castle, Network Administrator, Reece

Who is Reece Group?

Industry: Plumbing and bathroom supplies
Location: Australia and New Zealand
Company size: 600 branches across Australia and New Zealand and 5,000+ employees