Cisco Case Study: SapientRazorfish and Sapient Consulting

Simplifiying infrastructure management

Simplifiying infrastructure management

Company: SapientRazorfish and Sapient Consulting

Industry: Marketing and Consulting

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Company Size: 16,500 employees


SapientRazorfish and Sapient Consulting, part of Publicis.Sapient, was preparing to expand its operations with a new campus supporting 4,000 staff. It wanted to simplify buying, managing, and upgrading its network and infrastructure software. Instead of purchasing hardware, licenses, and monitoring tools separately, the company aimed to take a more unified approach to streamline business and IT processes, and cut costs.

The Solution

  • Cisco ONE Software suites make it easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade new versions of hardware and software. The software also offers license portability and services between different generations of Cisco hardware.
  • Cisco Software Support Service provides the services needed to easily upgrade to new versions of hardware and software.


  • Simplifies licensing and lifecycle management
  • Protects software investments
  • Provides faster access to the latest technology
Cisco ONE is an entire bundle that works well for our business. It lets us be more proactive in supporting our employees to deliver the best possible service.
- Ankur Gauri,
Senior Specialist -- Global Technical Lead, Publicis.Sapient