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Case Study: PostBank

Identifying data center problems before they happen

PostBank provides top notch financial services to over 13,000,000 + customers every day and everywhere.  The company uses Cisco ACI for data center automation, and Cisco Network Assurance Engine to identify and solve problem before they occur. In the near future, PostBank will extend its data center operations to the cloud with ACI Anywhere and its partner solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.



  • Provide seamless online banking experience
  • Push network changes quickly without downtime
  • Roll out new application features quickly


  • Quickly identify problems before other departments are affected
  • Rapidly roll out new configuration changes and provide outstanding banking experience to customers
  • Secure and scalable and automated data center network

Who is PostBank?

Industry: Finance

Location: Germany

Size: 13,000,000 + customers

Website: www.postbank.de/