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Managed Services Provider Uses Cisco Small Business



Customer name: Cascade Technologies

Industry: Managed Services Provider and IT Services Provider

Location: Murrells Inlet, S.C.

Number of employees: 3 full-time employees, plus consultants as needed




Business challenges:

  • How to grow the business efficiently.
  • Growth in new geographical markets required the ability to stand behind services--even if the client was 1,000+ miles away.
  • Needed a platform that could not only manage clients' infrastructure but also provide alerts about issues (monitor) and manage devices, backup configurations, and help ensure preparedness for disaster recovery.

Network solutions:

  • Update network monitoring and management to support new service offerings.
  • SLA proficiency; a better way to meet or exceed SLAs.
  • Integrated alerts with ticketing system via email notification.

Business results:

  • Improved productivity by 35 percent (minimum) by utilizing features of the Cisco FindIT Network Manager (config changes, firmware updates, config backup repository).
  • Reduced operating costs with the ability to remotely monitor and manage client networks and use zero-touch deployment (ZTD) of devices, requiring a lower skill set for installers. (ZTD made it possible to dropship equipment without a technician involved at times.)
  • Greater visibility with all clients using to single pane of glass for clear visibility into clients' IT infrastructure and networks.



Case study

Cascade Technologies implements Cisco FindIT Network Manager to streamline network management and boost managed services offerings to clientele.

Business challenges:

  • Deploying and supporting network hardware throughout the United States presented many challenges, including traveling, lodging, and operating expenses.
  • Supporting clients in several states was becoming very cost prohibitive, affecting the company's bottom line and margins.
  • Lack of ability to see a full overview of all clients' infrastructure, without logging into individual network hardware, was affecting productivity and reliability.
  • Lack of experienced employees who could configure network hardware after it was racked.
  • Inability to standardize across the board (offerings, deployments, management).

Network solutions:

Why Cisco? In this highly competitive industry, restaurants have to spend time and resources every year in order to stay ahead of the competition. When our team was discussing network options, everyone knew the name Cisco--even our most technically challenged customers. They identified with a company that is known for excellence. As a provider, the ability to implement technology that is seamless between each site was a no-brainer. The technical support provided by Cisco TAC has been second to none and allows us to better support our clients.

By utilizing Cisco FindIT Network Manager, within the Cisco Small Business Full Stack, I have an increased confidence in not only the products we are selling to our clients, but also the confidence in my team to install, manage, and support our service offerings. By streamlining our implementation and management processes and consolidating everything to one pane of glass, our team can now more accurately and confidently provide true network managed services.

Cramer Snuggs, Founder and Owner, Cascade Technologies


The most critical phase was planning and designing. Mistakes made during these processes could push our team over the edge on time, putting us in the negative, and even postponing an implementation completely. Working with Cisco, we were able to ensure we made the right decisions during this phase. We have not found another vendor that provides as many options as Cisco Business when it comes to switches, so we are able to cater to our clients' exact needs, every single time. This could mean using stackable managed 10G switches in the Cisco SG350X or utilizing the Cisco SG250 PoE Smart Switch as a cost-effective option.

We have pulled out multiple competitor routers and unmanaged switches that previously served as the network backbone with a flat network. We were able to separate management, point-of-sale, office data, voice, and Wi-Fi. This secured our clients' network, reducing the chances of an unauthorized guest gaining access to imperative financial records or even gaining POS control.

The Cisco Small Business Portfolio plus Cisco FindIT Network Management Platform plus Cisco Small Business TAC provided the full stack solution, end-to-end, and enabled Cascade Technologies to meet these needs directly from its call center in a centralized manner.

Moving forward, we will utilize PnP to achieve ZTD for initial installs, and afterwards for ongoing configuration changes and monitoring. This will allow us to standardize and automate our deployment and ongoing configuration through the FindIT Network Manager.  Product standardization is critical for my team and for my company.

The increased efficiency and reduction in operating expenses will allow my company to grow efficiently.

Business results:

  • Decreased network-related support requests by 30 percent in 60 days.
  • Increased sales by 25 percent in 60 days.
  • Increased proficiencies, making it possible to take on additional clients with the same workforce.
  • Improved customer satisfaction substantially.
  • Expanded to larger customers with multiple sites.
  • Gained business benefits without adding to headcount.