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Case Study: krz Lemgo

Threading digitization throughout communities

With emergency and security services and first responders relying on its infrastructure every day, success for krz is founded on two business pillars: security and customer satisfaction.



  • Create wireless-as-a-service capabilities
  • Network and consolidate stand-alone services, i.e. fire and alarm systems
  • Make it easier to connect with customers, clients, and board members



  • Ability to offer tailor-made and cost-optimized wireless to different clients
  • Save time and money with a consolidated network that quickly adds new services and sites
  • Optimized workforce where 75% of board meetings occur over video, saving travel time

What they're saying

We can’t build wireless and digital infrastructure with cheap hardware that breaks or is easily hacked. We need standardization around the best products to provide reliable services as economically as possible.

Reinhold Harnisch, Managing Director, krz

Who is krz Lemgo?

Industry: IT service provider
Location: Germany
Company Size: 275+ employees

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