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Cisco Case Study: Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Epic film producer collaborates with Webex

Jerry Bruckheimer has produced some of the most epic and exciting films, ever -- blockbusters created with big ideas, amazing locations, and global teamwork. Bruckheimer knows that the best ideas need to be brought to life and shared. He also knows that the team that collaborates the best wins. Learn how Webex enables his teams to work more intuitively.

Transforming how teams work


  • Inconsistent meeting experiences
  • Difficulty working with globally-dispersed teams
  • Increased time and costs to keep productions on track


  • Brings teams together from any location
  • Work happens in real time and more intuitively
  • Faster decision making saves time and costs

Cisco Webex is at the center of success

The technology that’s in my hands right now is what makes us so successful.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Owner, Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Who is Jerry Bruckheimer Films?

Industry: Entertainment
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Website: http://www.jbfilms.com/