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Case Study: innogy

Cisco IoT brings innogy to a new era of energy

Cisco industrial IoT routers help Germany-based utility innogy connect infrastructure — even in remote locations — to a secure, modular, scalable network.



  • Reducing Germany's CO2 footprint by transitioning to renewable energy sources
  • Stabilizing the fluctuating supply of power from renewable energy sources
  • Maintaining balance between energy supply and consumption


  • Using Cisco IR1101 and IR807 routers to connect utilities infrastructure to a secure, modular, scalable network
  • Enabling simple installation and deployment for field technicians and distant operational technology (OT) sites
  • Implementing end-to-end security


  • Improved greenhouse-emissions levels
  • A reliable, scalable, and secure network
  • A steady supply of energy

What they're saying

Our Cisco network is part of the critical infrastructure that is supporting our grid business to ensure a steady supply of energy.

Dr. Jürgen Tusch, Head of Telecommunications, Grid and Infrastructure Segment, innogy SE

Who is innogy?

Industry: Energy

Location: Germany 

Size: 42,000 employees

Website: https://iam.innogy.com/en/