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Case Study: InnaLabs

The right systems for growth plans

InnaLabs, a manufacturer of navigation grade gyroscopes and accelerometers for planes and boats, partnered with RocTel International, who has expertise with Cisco products, to upgrade their IT infrastructure.



  • Secure network to prevent cyberattacks
  • Various Wi-Fi networks throughout the building requiring multiple logins throughout a day
  • Out-of-date, mixed telephony system


  • Increased employee mobility and productivity with VoIP only phones
  • Improved customer satisfaction as they see orders progressing through the system
  • Ability to extend collaborative environments to future sites across the globe

What they’re saying

By outsourcing network monitoring and disaster recovery duties to a trusted partner like RocTel, we can focus on developing the next generation of inertial sensor technology.

James Coburn, Vice President Quality, InnaLabs

Who is InnaLabs?

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Dublin, Ireland

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