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Case Study: Helvetia

Helvetia insurers push boundaries to succeed

Insurers today must deliver outstanding customer care—faster, cheaper, and better, while seeking innovation at every turn. Helvetia began this journey more than a decade ago with help from Cisco.



  • Digitize the business to make it more valuable and accessible to stakeholders
  • Simplify collaboration to increase mobility and improve remote access to communications



  • Reduced travel, improving staff productivity and worklife balance
  • Reduced costs while improving service levels

What they're saying

Seeing the person you’re speaking with fosters communication and understanding. And we can do business more efficiently, saving travel cost and time.

Patrick Scherrer, Head of Strategy and M&A, Helvetia

Who is Helvetia?

Industry: Financial Services and Insurance
Location: Headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland with operations worldwide
Company Size: 6,700 employees

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