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Case Study: Groupe T2i

Building an agile, extensible service-delivery platform

Groupe T2i's business is software development, hardware integration, and managed IT services. The company chose the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) solution to integrate software and services and to host and manage all of them in its data center. With Cisco ACI, systems integration and data-center network maintenance is far easier and largely automated.



  • Streamline data center operations and maintenance
  • Relieve network performance bottlenecks
  • Integrate software and service offerings
  • Improve multiday-long network-update processes and resolve fear of unknown technical issues


  • Integrated management and consistent application and security policies across physical and virtual systems
  • Improved network segmentation and security
  • Implemented a policy model that can be extended to cloud and container environments
  • Spending less time maintaining infrastructure and more time focusing on innovation

What they're saying

Cisco ACI gives us integration and consistency. Our application and security policies are now the same across our physical and virtual systems, and those policies will eventually be pushed to container and cloud environments.

Christian Testuz, Director of Infrastructure and Cloud, Groupe T2i, Switzerland

Who is Groupe T2i?

Industry: IT services and software development

Location: Switzerland

Size: 200 employees

Website: www.group-t2i.com