Cloud Case Study: CityMD

Staying Secure and Compliant in the Cloud

Staying Secure and Compliant in the Cloud

Company: CityMD

Industry: Healthcare

Location: New York City

Company Size: 1,500+ Employees


CityMD operates urgent care clinics that provide customers with convenient, high-quality medical care. To optimize patient flow, it uses cloud-based technology to manage all patient information and transactions. Operating in a highly regulated industry, CityMD needed to gain insight into employees' cloud usage to avoid risks and stay compliant.


CityMD deployed Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service to establish better oversight and management of its cloud environment by monitoring cloud services that employees are using.


With Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service, CityMD can better understand cloud usage trends and manage cloud services to fuel growth and agility. It can better control costs by reducing redundant services, mitigate risk by identifying and assessing new cloud services, and define and enforce data security and usage policies to remain compliant.

Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Services enables our agile, cloud-first approach, and helps us embrace public cloud services safely while remaining compliant.
- Robert Florescu,
Vice President of IT & Infrastructure, CityMD