Internet of Everything Case Study: Benteler Automotive

Automotive manufacturer speeds production

Automotive manufacturer speeds production

Company: Benteler Automotive

Industry: Automotive

Location: Global

Company Size: 20,850 Employees


Automotive manufacturing specialist Benteler Automotive constantly pushes itself to achieve more agile production. With 70 factories in 29 countries worldwide, remote operations can lead to significant savings and improvements to operating speeds.


Working with Cisco, CANCOM DIDAS, and nemetris as part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, Benteler Automotive harnesses the power of the IoE to connect factories and machines across the globe.


With CANCOM DIDAS providing the cloud infrastructure and nemetris delivering smart applications built for automotive manufacturing, Benteler Automotive gains an end-to-end system that allows it to manage lines in a plant and move products between plants remotely. The system runs on application-centric Cisco architecture for faster reactions. With help from expert partners, Benteler Automotive achieves better outcomes and lower costs in factories where everything is connected to the network and every step in the production process can be analyzed and controlled from the cloud.

The advantage of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem for us clearly sits in the seamless integration between the hardware components and the software side.
- Alexander Stamm,
CIO, Benteler

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