Cisco Case Study: Bellevue Group

Doubling Virtual Desktop Speed for Faster Calculations

Doubling Virtual Desktop Speed for Faster Calculations

Company: Bellevue Group

Industry: Financial Services

Location: Küsnacht, Switzerland

Company Size: More than 100 employees


Bellevue Group’s traders and portfolio managers need to see real-time market data to execute trades for clients at the best prices. Researchers work with sophisticated spreadsheet models to make quick buy and sell recommendations. Fast desktop performance is critical to the success of Bellevue Group and its clients.

The Solution


  • Improved application performance and doubled the speed of complex spreadsheet calculations
  • Made it easy to add new users and applications to support virtual desktop use cases for every employee in the bank
  • Allowed IT manage both the Cisco HyperFlex System and existing Cisco UCS environment using UCS Manager interface
We have a use case for virtual desktops for every employee in the bank, and HyperFlex can support them all.
- Holger Schultes,
Head of IT, Bellevue Group