Discover All That's Possible - Introduction - Annual Report 2000

Discover all that's possible on the Internet from the company that really knows
CISCO Solutions provide Competitive Advantage

For several years we have asked our customers, "Are you ready?" for the Internet. Today, they are ready and they want to know how to get there, quickly and successfully. Organizations and governments are rethinking their business models. They are looking for a road map to chart their company’s course through the Internet economy. And they are turning to Cisco to help them discover all that's possible on the Internet.

To transform a "bricks-and-mortar" organization into an Internet organization takes more than just adding an e-commerce veneer. It takes rethinking the entire business from the inside out and making investments in your Internet technology portfolio to bring home the best return. It impacts groups across the entire organization, changing the way companies work internally and how they work with their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. In the near future, a business not on the Internet will not be in business. On the following pages, we have highlighted a few examples of how the Internet has changed the way that people work, live, play, and learn.

Cisco itself often serves as the best example of a business that has changed itself by using the Internet. We have always believed that technology could help us do things that our competitors could not. Customer service was the first application to go on line. This was quickly followed by operations in manufacturing, commerce, finance, recruiting, marketing, training, and sales. It has given us a competitive advantage in our industry. It has allowed us to remain agile and responsive, and it is based on employee and customer empowerment through the Internet. We provide this same expertise to our customers, helping create Internet solutions for their organizations.