Shoplifters and dishonest employees are stealing more than ever. Existing technology solutions—such as analog closed-circuit TV security systems and remote monitoring—enable you to capture images for review. However, they don't promote loss-prevention teams being able to quickly identify unlawful behavior. The inherent delay between an actual incident and the reviewing of images also means that shoplifters and dishonest employees often succeed for longer periods of time and more easily escape apprehension. Increasing the number of loss-prevention staff to provide additional monitoring is costly and impractical. Instead, retailers seek new ways to maximize the effectiveness of their loss-prevention teams using advanced video solutions from Cisco.


As an integrated offering with a single, centrally managed Intelligent Retail Network, Cisco Video Surveillance in Retail solutions enable consistent and efficient data integration across functions and channels to improve security and availability. They can converge video management, access controls, connectivity, and event correlation on one network, while simultaneously enhancing the security of connected systems and unifying communications to attack loss prevention in a comprehensive way.

Cisco Video Surveillance in Retail solutions can be integrated with existing physical security systems, adding additional capabilities and improving return on investment. They can also be combined with video analytics at the point of sale and throughout a store to deliver valuable visual information and evidence. In addition to reducing employee theft and shoplifting, video analytics can identify groups of people throughout the store, out-of-bounds behavior, and lengthening checkout lines. They can even help retailers evaluate the effectiveness of merchandising displays and advertising by capturing customer reactions.


Cisco's advanced video solutions and partnerships with leading video analytic software providers also deliver new benefits:

  • Higher-resolution video images
  • Faster access to live and recorded video and immediate playback features
  • Ability to extend surveillance coverage to more areas
  • Immediate visibility into suspicious events or individuals
  • Higher availability of the video network
  • Improved training capabilities
  • Surveillance capabilities integrated with POS systems

Cisco Video Surveillance for Retail solutions also help retailers to increase revenue and improve the in-store experience for shoppers. When combined with video analytics intelligence, the solutions give retailers new ways to gather vital data about how assets and people move through a store.

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