Retail Technology That Enhances the Customer Experience

Retail technology from Cisco meets evolving customer demands and helps to accelerate employee productivity.

Retail technology is evolving. Your customers are evolving, too. Customers now expect a shopping experience tailored to their specific needs. They want more sophisticated product information in less time.

With retail technology from Cisco, you can create a store environment that enhances the way customers experience your stores while accelerating employee productivity, increasing revenue, and keeping customer data secure.

Retail Technology That Increases Efficiency

Retail technology is more effective when it's fully integrated. Many retailers still depend on poorly integrated networks composed of multiple proprietary solutions. Such networks create an overly complex environment that lacks cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Connected Retail technology from Cisco integrates solutions to help you increase efficiency in several ways:

  • Offer customers greater access to product information in less time
  • Accelerate employee productivity by using tools designed for better communication and collaboration
  • Find solutions that help you maintain PCI compliance now and in the future
  • Reduce your reliance on in-store servers by using a lean retail approach

Retail Technology for a Better Customer Experience

Connected Retail technology enhances the customer experience through these features:

  • Cisco Wireless Solutions makes it easy for you to deliver controlled guest access to enhance the shopping experience and proactively engage with customers
  • Cisco SocialMiner helps you proactively respond to shoppers communicating through public social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or other public forums or blogging sites
  • Cisco store operations and video analytics help you manage and measure your customer experience in the store
  • Cisco Digital Signage and Cisco Interactive Services keeps your customers more informed and engaged

Retail Technology That Improves Employee Productivity

Connected Retail technology accelerates employee productivity in these ways:

Retail Technology for Ongoing PCI Compliance

The PCI Solution for Retail incorporates an end-to-end approach that helps you achieve long-term compliance.

Retail Technology for a More Efficient and More Scalable Architecture

The Cisco lean retail approach helps you move your IT infrastructure to a virtual environment and consolidate it, simplifying management and increasing long-term cost savings.

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