Payment Protection Solutions from Cisco Help Credit Card Information Stay Secure

Payment protection is much more complicated than it used to be. With the introduction of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) in 2004, the credit card industry raised the standards for retailers everywhere.

Evolving Payment Protection Standards

PCI compliance remains a major challenge for retailers everywhere. The standard is difficult to achieve, but more importantly, it is difficult to maintain. Even if you achieve PCI compliance this year, payment protection standards will continue to evolve. True PCI compliance must be an ongoing commitment.

In order to help ensure payment protection for your customers, both now and in the future, you need to work with technology partners who can provide proven best practices for creating and maintaining a secure retail environment.

End-to-End Payment Protection

The Cisco PCI Solution for Retail is a comprehensive, scalable, architectural approach that simplifies PCI compliance, so that you no longer worry about payment protection and can focus on building your business. through:

  • Cisco-recommended architecture for enhanced payment protection, based on best practices and proven design guidance
  • Payment protection strategy that is audited and validated by a qualified security assessor
  • Industry-leading technology partners who are committed to achieving and maintaining payment protection for your customers

Payment Protection Benefits

When you choose the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail, you are not just achieving one-time compliance. You are investing in a multi-service platform with a scalable architecture for meeting future requirements. And you are taking the first step in an ongoing process that allows you to provide the best possible payment protection for your customers, even as PCI standards evolve. Long-term Cisco payment protection benefits include:

  • A single, cohesive security infrastructure, from a recognized leader in networking and security
  • Comprehensive PCI solution support, so that you always have help for payment protection challenges
  • The ability to build and maintain a security-conscious culture that enacts proven best practices for long-term PCI compliance

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