BYOD Smart Solution

BYOD Smart Solution

Create an Effective Mobility Strategy

Learn 10 essential best practices and how Cisco can help.

Create an Effective Mobility Strategy
Create an Effective Mobility Strategy

Faster, Easier Application Roll-Out

Cisco Intelligent WAN solutions can simplify management and transform your business.

Faster, Easier Application Roll-Out
Faster, Easier Application Roll-Out

Manage Beyond Bring-Your-Own-Device

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IT Championship: Ike Goes for BYOD Gold

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Cisco Unified Workspace

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What Is the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution?

The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. Cisco BYOD enhances user experiences and productivity.

This complete solution starts with Cisco design guides and professional services that lead you from planning and design to day-to-day operations. This BYOD solution also provides the necessary infrastructure, including:

  • Access points
  • Controllers
  • Security
  • Network management
  • Mobile Collaboration Applications

This infrastructure supports a highly secure, high-performing network that is accessible to a wide range of devices.

BYOD Smart Solution Overview. Learn how Cisco can help with every step toward successful BYOD implementation.

BYOD Smart Solution: In Depth

Why Does the BYOD Smart Solution Matter to You?

Now you can do more than just add a PC or mobile device to your network. Use the Cisco BYOD solution to:

  • Simplify IT operations
  • Provide "work-your-way" experiences to employees
  • Help secure data with unified policy and intelligent controls
In Depth
Why Choose Cisco

Why Is Cisco Your Best Choice?

A Cisco network supports a more comprehensive "work-your-way" mobility experience. Cisco offers:

  • Exceptional security and simplified management
  • Single point of policy for wired and Wi-Fi across your organization
  • Single workflow to identify problems by user, rather than environment
Why Cisco
BYOD Smart Solution: Implementation

How Do You Get Started?

To build an effective BYOD solution, you need to:

  • Align an IT strategy to your business goals
  • Address the challenges that your IT organization and employees face

Design guides and services from Cisco and its partners help you plan, design, and manage an extensible architecture to implement a mobile experience your way. This approach combines elements across the network to deliver exceptional levels of WLAN performance and reliability. Cisco Services teams and outside partners help your project succeed quickly and cost-efficiently.

Device Freedom and Network Security

Cisco BYOD increases device freedom without compromising network security.

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