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Understanding Ethernet Switches

Understanding Ethernet Switches

Have a close look at your current deployment and future needs to determine the right switch for your network.
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All-in-One Product Model Support

All-in-One Product Model Support

Get all-in-one support for over 6000 product models, including documentation, downloads, and resources.
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Expert to Expert:

How Can the Internet of Things (IoT) Help your Business?
How Can the Internet of Things (IoT) Help your Business?

Resilient, scalable, and secure converged networks, simplified and automated management, new computing models (like fog) that deliver distributed intelligence, and system-wide application enablement are building blocks for more advanced and smarter solutions for IoT. Join Roberto De La Mora, Cisco Senior Director, Internet of Things, as he explains more.
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TAC Tip:

VXC-M HTTP Configuration Example

This document, by Cisco expert Felipe de Mello, describes how to enable HTTP on the Cisco Virtualization Experience Client Manager (VXC-M). This is a requirement for upgrading VXC 6215 devices to the latest VXME version.
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Chalk Talk:

CUCM based SIP URI Dialing and ILS Networking
CUCM based SIP URI Dialing and ILS Networking

This article, by Cisco expert Akhil Behl, addresses Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)-based SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) dialing and its interworking with Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS) alongside blended addressing. Readers will be able to relate to the benefits of using SIP URI and ILS in a converged network.
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With Data Virtualization, Time to Decision Is Slashed
The ability to use your business' data assets to promote better business outcomes is what makes the difference between leaders, such as Pfizer, and second-tier or third-rate businesses.
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Find out more about Cisco Data Visualization:
Cisco Data Visualization - Two-Minute Explanation
Data Virtualization Overview
Data Virtualization Redefines the Stock Exchange - Case Study


Find New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online
Check the July release for information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products, including Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco TelePresence, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager. View the latest release of "What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" online or as an RSS feed today.

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What Are Your Favorite Logic Games?
Do you play games to keep your mind sharp? Here are some of our favorite online games. Submit yours and we'll publish a list of favorites in a future issue.
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Membership Drive and Contest
Join the Cisco Learning Network's membership drive and become eligible to win exam vouchers, premium training materials, and more. With two easy ways to enter and monthly drawings, everyone has a chance to win. Find Out How

Membership Drive and Contest

Networking 101: Botnet
Is a botnet dedicated just to hackers? How do they work? How do they get on your network? What can you do about it? Watch and Learn

Cisco SMARTnet Infographic
When minutes matter, depend on SMARTnet Service to deliver. See How

Cisco SMARTnet Infographic

Best Practices for Migrating to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Learn best practices for migrating to newer collaboration capabilities. Learn Now

Access the CSC Website on Your Favorite Mobile Device
With responsive technology, the Cisco Support Community website now supports mobile browsers on all mainstream operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Try It Out

Access the CSC Website on Your Favorite Mobile Device

New technical documents written by Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) personnel or documents with major updates (italicized titles) published June 1 - 30.

All TAC-authored technical documents can also be found on the Tech Docs page of the TS Newsletter website. Bookmark it today!
View the list of new and updated Cisco Security Advisories.


Configuration Example:
Add Additional Licenses on the HA Pair and Replace WLC While in HA Setup

Tech Note:
FWSM write mem Results in a File or directory already in use Error


Configuration Examples:
CIS with Business Objects Through JDBC
CIM Alarm Workflow to Reprocess Exception Queue Activities to Mapped Queues

Tech Notes:
CIS Capabilities Change for UNION and UNION ALL Queries into the Datasource
CIS Character Limitations for Sybase Identifiers Error Message Troubleshooting
CIS JSON-to-Tabular Format Transformation from the REST Data Sources
CIS Default HTTP Listening and MySQL Repository Database Ports Alteration Procedures
Recommendations for Specific F5 Load Balancers with Active Cluster
CIS on Linux Microsoft Access Database Connection and Introspection Procedures
Unable to load strong truststore file Error Message Troubleshooting on the CIS
CIS Performance Degradation Troubleshooting
CIS Configuration Possibly Prevents Out of Memory (OOM) Errors
Unable to Add Users to Group "All" in Domain "Composite"
CIS WSDL Authentication Disablement Procedure
Troubleshoot MySQL Repository and Repair in CIS
CIS REST Web Service Request Creation
CIS Repository Password Change
CIS LDAP Error Message Troubleshooting

CIS FAQ: How can I invoke an Oracle-packaged procedure from within the CIS?
CIS FAQ: How can I export only the users that are registered in the CIS?
Data Virtualization Suite FAQ: How do I find out if OpenSSL is disabled in the CIS MySQL Repository?
Data Virtualization Suite
Data Virtualization Suite FAQ: How do you set the database user role when you log in to the datasource?
Data Virtualization Suite FAQ: How do I retrieve the MySQL error file for repository related issues?
Data Virtualization Suite FAQ: How do I convert Unix Epoch values to CIS timestamps?
Data Virtualization FAQ: How do I publish a CIS Resource as an OData resource and Access It?
Data Virtualization FAQ: Why are there idle sessions for long periods of time?
Where does the Studio store information? How can the Studio be reset to default values?


Tech Note:
Troubleshoot Cisco TelePresence TX1310 Camera Switching Problems


Configuration Example:
TelePresence Server and MCU Codian Console Capture


Configuration Example:
UCCE Integration with CM

Tech Notes:
Finesse Support for 89xx/99xx Phones and Multi-lines Configuration
CUIC XMPP Messaging Infrastructure Error in Live Data Reports
CUCM MediaSense Call Recording Error Troubleshooting


Tech Notes:
IPSec Anti-Replay Check Failures
Cisco Guide to Harden Cisco IOS Devices


Tech Note:
ASR 9900 Series Fabric Explanation and Troubleshoot Examples


Configuration Examples:
ASA VPN Client Connection Through an L2L Tunnel
ASA VPN User Authentication against Windows 2008 NPS Server (Active Directory) with RADIUS
ASA 9.x: AnyConnect VPN Client U-turning
ASA 8.4(x) Connects a Single Internal Network to the Internet
ISE SCEP Support for BYOD

Tech Notes:
Packet Capture Procedures on Sourcefire FirePOWER Appliances, and NGIPS Virtual Appliances
Sourcefire Appliance Troubleshoot File Generation Procedures
ZBFW for IOS-XE Configuration Troubleshoot Guide
AnyConnect over IKEv2 to ASA with AAA and Certificate Authentication


Tech Note:
CAT 6500 and 7600 Series Routers and Switches TCAM Allocation Adjustment Procedures


Tech Note:
DCM Response to Identical PID Values for Service and Transport Components


Configuration Examples:
Cisco Unified Presence Server PostgreSQL External Database and Compliance
Change Softkey Order of 8961/9951/9971 (RT Phone)

Tech Notes:
CUCM SQL Queries That Associate Device Information with an Application User
Unity Connection User is Not Available When You Import from LDAP
Unity Connection Conversion from AXL to LDAP User Integrated
Unity Connection Message Hunter Recalls Messages that Were Sent Accidentally
CUCM DRS Backup Failure Solutions
CUCM CLI SQL Queries for DNs, Partitions, and User Associations with IP Phones
Jabber Does Not Connect to a Desktop Phone Due to CTI Timeout
Jabber Release 9.x Reports Your Office Configuration is Corrupt
Unity Connection Jetty Logs Fill the Root Partition
CUCM Route Pattern - Route List - Route Group Associations and CLI SQL Queries


Configuration Examples:
Unified Access Wireless LAN Controllers Guest Anchor with Converged Access
WLC 5760/3850 Custom WebAuth with Local Authentication

Tech Notes:
802.1X Client Exclusion on an AireOS WLC
5760 Series WLC VideoStream Troubleshooting
Quantum Policy Suite User Administration
AP Radio Reset Codes


Cisco IOS Service Discovery Gateway Video Series

Cisco expert Ralph Schmieder explains how Service Discovery Gateway solves the growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) challenge, where users expect their devices to be able to find media players, printers, and other resources in the office or school just like they do at home. Watch Now

Upcoming Events from Cisco Support Community's Expert Corner

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and Domain Name System - Begins July 7
Join Cisco Designated VIP Peter Palúch and learn about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and the Domain Name System (DNS). These two primary services are key to today's IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

TechWiseTV Webcast - Meet the Demands of Microsoft SQL Server

Join your favorite TechWiseTV geeks and discover the server technology that is custom-built to handle your toughest database workloads. Check It Out

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