Technical Services News - January 2013

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January 2013

"Create your Career" Learning Series

Let the Cisco Learning Network help you take an active role in defining and driving your career with this four-part series.
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Managing the Mobile Collaboration Experience

There are profound benefits for organizations that embrace BYOD and mobilize the collaboration experience.
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Expert to Expert:


Can a Transparent Mode ASA Be Configured without an IP Address on the Bridge Group?
No, a transparent mode ASA must be configured with an IP address for each Layer 2 bridge group.

Besides using the IP for any traffic sourced from the ASA, the ASA must ARP or send out an ICMP message in order to determine out of which interface the destination MAC resides (if the MAC address is not in the ASA CAM table). Without a valid IP address assigned to the ASA that is in the same IP subnet as adjacent devices, traffic might fail to pass through the transparent ASA since the ARP and ICMP process cannot complete.

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TAC Tip:


IPv6 Stateful NAT64 Configuration Steps
Translation is one of the key integration / migration tools available in IPV6. As NAT-PT is deprecated, Stateful NAT64 provides us the translation tool, which works for v4 to v6 and v6 to v4.

This document explains the steps in creating Stateful NAT64 on IOS-XE and includes a configuration example.

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Chalk Talk:


Tips and Tricks to Make an ISE Deployment Stable and Scalable
This month's Chalk Talk by Vivek Santuka provides tips, tricks, do's and don'ts to make your ISE deployment stable and scalable.

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How to Obtain a Competitive Edge by Outsourcing IT Services
Learn how Proserv gained a competitive advantage from outsourcing IT Services and watch how amazing things happen by connecting people, process, data and things.
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The "We're Listening" Blog Series
"We're Listening" is Cisco's customer-facing blog series about customer pain points and actions Cisco is taking to resolve them.
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Cisco Support Community Releases Google Gmail Gadget
This gadget can smartly draw information from the Cisco Support Community and let you perform relevant actions based on the content of an email message.
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How to Turn Virtual Solutions into Real Benefits
Read how Freeport-McMoRan and Thales Group recently took advantage of virtualization and saved money, improved productivity, and made IT service delivery much easier.
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"War, What is it Good For?" as a Security Metaphor
Read about a different approach to looking a security, not as cyber- and information warfare, but as better managing minor pains to focus on major ones.
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Your Support Website: Paying You Back in Time
Are you taking full advantage of web and mobile features designed to save you significant time?
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New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online
Get information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products.
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New documents or documents with major updates (italicized titles) published December 1 - 31, 2012

See a list of new and updated Security Advisories.

Network Management

Tech Notes:
Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 Requires TEO 2.3.4 HotFix 8

Servers - Unified Computing

Tech Notes:
Expected output for different reboot conditions (/var/log/messages) on a UCS C-Series server UCS C-Series Rack Servers CLI Commands for Troubleshooting HDD Issues


Tech Notes:
Flex 7500 Wireless Branch Controller Deployment Guide



Cisco Live London 2013


Cisco Support Community looks forward to seeing you at Cisco Live in London, January 29 - February 1. Stop by to say hello and to talk with CSC representative about your experience.

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Cisco TechAdvantage Webinars


Unleash the Power of Your Network with One Platform Kit (onePK) - February 13
Cisco's One Platform Kit (onePK) is an easy-to-use cross platform software development toolkit enabling application developers and network and system administrators to develop new applications or extend existing applications to interact directly with Cisco routing and switching infrastructure to deliver next generation capabilities and solutions.
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For more information, check out the Cisco TechAdvantage Webinars

Upcoming Ask the Expert Events from Cisco Support Community's Expert Corner:


Engage, collaborate and co-create with our Cisco subject matter experts through interactive events.

• Configuring and Troubleshooting MPLS Traffic Engineering - starts January 14, 2013
• Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) and FlexVPN - starts January 14, 2013

Find more localized events in Polish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Technology You Can Use from Geeks You Can Trust


Spend time with your favorite geeks in these TechWiseTV episodes:
Spotlight on Cloud Intelligent Network
Watch this Spotlight episode to find out how connectors can help you take the next step forward in cloud adoption.
Networking 101: Electricity
As networking engineers we tend to focus on 1's and 0's and not the stuff that goes into making a 1 a 1. In this episode, Jimmy Ray will expose his true first love; electricity.
Scale Your Knowledge and Your Network: Cisco BYOD CVD 2.2 System Design
If your organization is considering a bring your own device (BYOD) network deployment, this is a design workshop you don't want to miss.

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