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Data Center Architecture Specialization

Gain Data Center Expertise

Increase opportunities and profitability with this advanced specialization.

Gain Data Center Expertise

Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

With the Data Center Architecture Specialization, you can take advantage of the $67.9 billion market opportunity and contribute to your profitability. This specialization provides an advanced level of knowledge and skill, allowing you to meet customers' diverse data center needs, including consolidation and virtualization, private cloud computing, application- or infrastructure-as-a-service, and big data.
With it you can:

The Cisco Channel Partner Program is designed to strengthen your ability to capture market opportunities. Partners who invest in the Data Center Architecture Specialization are eligible for the following certifications:

Data Center Architecture Partners also can participate in Cisco channel incentive programs.


Role Sharing Guidelines

The field engineer cannot fill roles in other architecture specializations (Borderless Network or Collaboration); however, one field engineer can fulfill up to 1 additional field engineer role (2 FE roles total) within the Data Center Architecture Specialization. Role sharing in technology specialization(s) has no impact on architecture specialization(s).

  • Account Manager (AM)

    Responsible for sales methodology and customer engagement.

  • Architecture Systems Engineer (ASE)

    Presales engineer responsible for Data Center Architecture solution planning and design. Possesses both business and technical skills. Understands customer business needs and issues, business process and transformation.

  • Field Engineer 1 Unified Computing (FE)

    Post-sales engineer responsible for Data Center Architecture unified computing solutions and considerations.

  • Field Engineer 2 Unified Fabric (FE)

    Post-sales engineer responsible for Data Center Architecture unified fabric solutions.