CCAr Recertification

Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) certifications are valid for five years. CCAr will remain certified as long as they continue to contribute to maintaining the Cisco Certified Architect Certification program. Current recertification policies require Cisco Certified Architects to complete qualifying events within the 24 months preceding the expiration deadline. Qualifying events include:

Contribution to the development lifecycle.

  • Significant participation in the creation of new exam content or
  • Significant review/refinement of existing content or
  • Involvement in future direction of the program


Participation as a judge in a candidate evaluation

  • Application review/interview for TWO (2) candidates (in the case where the candidate's application IS NOT approved to progress to the board review) or
  • Application review/interview and in-person board review for ONE (1) candidate (in the case where the candidate's application IS approved to progress to the board review)

A valid CCAr will automatically recertify all other Cisco Certifications. When using a higher level of certification to extend other certifications, the expiration date of other certifications will extend to the expiration date of the higher certification (i.e.: If you have one year left on your CCNA certification and you earn a CCIE certification (which has a two-year certification life) then both your CCIE certification and your CCNA certification will expire two years from the date you achieved the CCIE certification).

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