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This section of the site addresses the areas dealing with creating the environment for economic growth.

While people do the work that ensures the economic growth, it is imperative that the markets in which we operate across the world are friendly to business.

What has fueled Silicon Valley's success is capital formation, stock options, labor mobility and risk taking. It is often said at Cisco, that we would much rather be successful in 7 out of 10 initiatives than 5 for 5. This mentality enables us to take risks and think outside of the box. It has been part of our formula for success.

Giving workers a stake in the company they are working for also gives them ownership in the success of your company. Stock options allow employees to operate with the premise that the money they are spending to complete a project, in a very real sense, is their own. Savings and smart spending result.

Economic growth going forward will be driven by the markets that are allowed to operate freely in the economy, whether those markets are in your state, your country or your continent.