This Industry encompasses a wide breath of activity from Central and Local Government and on to Defence operations. In all these categories the Internet is having an impact and Governments are increasingly aware of the risks of being left behind in the race to improve service and control cost.

Central Government
Central Governments have the responsibility to provide leadership and efficiency in their interpretation and implementation of the law. Departments chartered with this responsibility are recognising the efficiencies and capabilities for improvement made possible by the power of Internet applications. They must ensure that the political masters can meet citizen's expectations in closing the digital divide, which could otherwise result.

It is surprising to some to realise how important the Internet has become in helping a nations defence force achieve its goals. Whether at HQ or Operational level, whether in the classroom or supply chain, the power of an efficient and versatile infrastructure is continuing to make it's mark.

Local Government
Democratic countries have a desire to provide a level of local service which is customer facing and which delivers on the Politicians promise of improved accessibility and quality. Today these services can be enhanced and made interactively accessible through the power of the Internet and the implementation of an e-strategy.