Wireless Networking Technology

Mission-Critical Wireless

Create a transparent environment across wired and wireless networks with the performance required for business-critical applications.

802.11n wireless combines the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks, offering up to nine times the performance of 802.11a/g networks. Providing true enterprise-class RF, Cisco technologies such as CleanAir, ClientLink, and VideoStream, plus optimized access point radio and antennas, you can improve performance regardless of where a device is located.

Context-aware intelligence, such as indoor location information gathered from the Wi-Fi network, can enable organizations to extend mobile services to customers for a satisfying wireless experience.

CleanAir Technology

CleanAir technology uses silicon-level intelligence to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the effects of wireless interference. With an application-specific, integrated circuit (ASIC)-based implementation of spectrum management, CleanAir can classify over 20 different types of interferers within five to 30 seconds.

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It also improves air quality by:

  • Detecting RF interference that other systems can't see
  • Identifying the source and locating it on a floor plan
  • Providing automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage around the interference

Read about Cisco CleanAir Technology: Intelligence in Action

Detect and Mitigate RF Interference

Detect and Mitigate RF Interference

Cisco CleanAirTechnology helps you to detect, classify, and mitigate interference automatically. (2:03 min)

Miercom Performance Test Report on the Cisco Aironet 3600 Access Point

Miercom, an independent test facility, recently released a report on how the Cisco Aironet 3600 Access Point performs against a leading competitor. The Mierom test report demonstrates that the Cisco 3600 Access Point:

  • Supports three times more clients than the competition
  • Can maintain high throughput data rates at great distances, even in environments that contain RF interference
  • Can improve battery usage for wireless devices such as tablets by up to 38 percent

Cisco ClientLink 2.0

In a network with mixed client devices (802.11a/g/n), the connection is not optimized for legacy clients, which creates coverage holes.

ClientLink 2.0 can allow access points to bridge gaps in coverage, increase access, and provide a better wireless experience. ClientLink 2.0 can improve coverage and increase overall wireless system capacity in mixed client environments such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) deployments.

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ClientLink 2.0 technology:

  • Uses beam forming to direct signals to improve performance and coverage for all devices types
  • Can improve coverage areas between cells or near obstacles
  • Helps ensure airtime "fairness" so that all clients, regardless of location or 802.11 standard version, enjoy optimal connection to the wireless network

Read a blog entry about ClientLink 2.0.

Cisco Advanced Location Services with Mobility Services Engine

Mobility Services Engine (MSE) with Advanced Location Services helps venue owners and retailers monetize their WLAN by engaging their customers through functionality called Mobile Concierge. Advanced Location Services also provides location analytics (using ThinkSmart technology). Real-time location analytics, alongside historical trends, offer greater visibility into customer movements and patterns through trending data.

Advanced Location Services capabilities of Mobility Services Engine offer:

  • Onsite and context-aware communications to customers
  • Indoor location information and context information
  • Mobile Concierge SDK, a developer's kit that makes it easy to create applications and services for the MSE

Mobile Concierge helps you better engage users through a native app on smartphones. This, and the features above, help you build a stronger relationship with customers through a more personalized mobile user experience.

For more information, visit Connected Mobile Experiences

Application Visibility and Control

Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) solution for wireless networks identifies more than 1000 business- or consumer-class applications using deep packet inspection (DPI). This extraordinary visibility into application traffic allows administrators to mark applications for further prioritization, or block them for security reasons or to conserve limited network bandwidth.

Touted as CleanAir at the applications level, AVC offers:

  • Improved quality of experience for all wireless users through application-level optimization and control
  • Proactive monitoring and end-to-end application visibility to accelerate troubleshooting and minimize network downtime
  • Network capacity management and planning through greater visibility of application usage and performance
  • Prioritization of business-critical applications and sub-flows like Cisco Jabber voice or IM sessions

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