Collaboration Endpoints

Designed for Optimal Collaboration

Cisco endpoints range from IP phones to web, mobile, and desktop clients.

Empower, Engage, Innovate

Learn how Cisco will deliver capabilities that offer simple user experiences across devices and intelligently connect to the cloud.

Empower, Engage, Innovate
Empower, Engage, Innovate
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    IP Phones

    Easily replace traditional phones with cost-effective IP communications.

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      Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

      • General business communications endpoints
      • Ideal for midsize to large organizations seeking cost-effective communications
      • Superior clarity with wideband audio performance
      • Large backlit graphical display and low power consumption (Class 1)
    • ip_phone_9900_100x80

      Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Series

      • Professional collaboration endpoints
      • Ideal for knowledge workers and managers who seek high-quality multimedia
      • Interactive, high-performance standard-definition video
      • Touchscreen display with 640 x 480 effective pixel resolution
    • ip_phone_8900_100x80

      Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series

      • Business collaboration endpoints
      • Ideal for knowledge workers and managers who want high-quality multimedia
      • Multifeature voice and standard-definition video communications
      • Improved collaboration, efficiency, and productivity
  • tp_sys_ex_100x80

    Smart Desk Endpoints

    Bring the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, home office, or other remote locations.

    • dc_exp_dx600_100x80

      Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX600 Series

      • Integrated high-definition voice and video communications and web conferencing
      • Instant access to the cloud and Android-based desktop virtualization
      • Establishes new workflows with communications widgets, and commercial and custom Android applications
    • tp_sys_ex_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence System EX Series

      • Vivid 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, in two screen sizes
      • Simplified meeting and sharing, from individual computer work or video calls
      • Easy-to-use interface
    • tp_system_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence System 500

      • Same technology platform as the Cisco TelePresence TX Series
      • Immersive meeting-room experience in a smaller footprint
      • "One-button" calling integrates with common enterprise calendaring programs
      • 1080p and 720p resolution on a premium 32-inch display
      • Integrated camera, microphone, speakers, and lighting
  • MAP74971_100x80

    Collaboration Room Endpoints

    Enhance existing meeting rooms to provide video and help dispersed teams to meet and collaborate face-to-face.

    • MX700-MX200G2_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence MX Series

      • MX200 and MX300 Series are integrated value-line systems with 42-inch and 55-inch screens
      • MX200 and MX300 are value-priced, and easy to install and use for broad-scale deployment
      • MX700 and MX800 Series are integrated performance-line systems with dual 55-inch and single 70-inch systems
      • MX700’s dual screens offer an ideal people-plus-content experience; MX800’s large screen offers a people-focused experience
      • All systems deploy easily with auto-provisioning and self-configuration
  • tp_tx9000_100x80

    Immersive TelePresence

    Bring your team together for "in-person" meetings in a room equipped with all you need for video-conferencing simplicity and ease of use.

    • tp_tx9000_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series

      • New industrial design for greater immersion
      • Three simultaneous very-high-quality video streams
      • High-definition, full-motion content sharing for superior video and content collaboration
      • Excellent lighting and sound with a discreet camera housing and a touchscreen interface
      • 20% less bandwidth requirements, faster installation, and simplified servicing than earlier models
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    Software Clients

    Streamline communications and enhance productivity by integrating presence, messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing. Learn more about Cisco Jabber.

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      Cisco Jabber

      • Deployed on-premises or on demand as a cloud-based service
      • Easy access to presence, instant messaging, voice and video, desktop sharing, and conferencing
      • Consistent experiences on any device: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, or BlackBerry
  • tpsx20_quick_set

    TelePresence Integration Solutions

    Get solutions designed for integrators that specialize in videoconferencing installations.

    • sx80_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec

      • Powerful audio and video engine for large, customized video collaboration rooms
      • Delivers up to 1080p60 end-to-end, high-definition video.
      • Rich input and output set and flexible media engine to support a variety of use cases
      • Choose from three integrator packages to reduce external equipment and cost of deployment
    • sx10_100x80

      Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set

      • Camera and codec in a single compact device that sits on top of your standard flat-panel display
      • Business-quality video, priced to scale at roughly the cost of a PC
      • Simple, elegant cabling system connects through a single-cable for both power and Ethernet
      • High-definition video with up 1080p30 resolution
      • Leading wide-angle field of view provides exceptional overview, even in small spaces

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