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Product Bulletin No. 2180

Product Bulletin No. 2180

New Cisco Aironet Windows Software Release
Provides Fast Secure Roaming

Cisco Systems® is pleased to announce the availability of a new Cisco® Aironet® Client Adapter Installation Wizard software release for Microsoft Windows that provides support for fast secure roaming. It also delivers several new enhancements for Cisco Aironet wireless LAN client adapters and Cisco Compatible client devices.

The Cisco Aironet Client Adapter Installation Wizard version 1.1 with support for the new features listed below is now available. This new wizard image file supports Cisco Aironet 5 GHz 54 Mbps (IEEE 802.11a) client adapters and Cisco Aironet 350, 340, and 4800 Series (802.11b) client adapters for Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT, and XP. The wizard image file is a self-extracting executable (.exe) file. Version 1.1 includes the following software releases:

Cisco Aironet client adapter Firmware version 5.02.17

Windows NDIS Driver version 8.3 for PCMCIA, LMC, and PCI client adapter types

Windows NDIS Driver version 3.5 for Mini PCI and Cardbus 20A client adapter types

Aironet Client Utilities Version 6.1

Aironet Client Monitor Version 2.1

New features supported by Cisco Aironet Client Adapter Installation Wizard version 1.1 include:

Fast secure roaming—Support for fast secure roaming is now available for Cisco LEAP-enabled Cisco Aironet and Cisco Compatible clients in client adapter firmware version 5.20.17. With fast secure roaming, authenticated client devices can roam securely from one access point to another without any perceptible delay during reassociation. Fast secure roaming supports latency-sensitive applications such as wireless voice over IP (VoIP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or Citrix-based solutions.

Scans for a Better Access Point parameter—A new "Scan For A Better Access Point" parameter on the Aironet client utility radio frequency network screen allows users to specify when the client should begin scanning for a better access point.

Disable Firmware Checking—A new parameter called "Disable Firmware Checking" has been added to the custom installation screen of the Cisco Aironet Client Adapter Installation Wizard. This parameter affects the firmware that is bundled with the driver. It controls whether the driver installs the firmware included in the bundle or uses the currently installed firmware version. The parameter can be set to one of the following values:

Yes—Prevents the driver from installing the firmware with which it is bundled, enabling the client adapter to retain its current firmware version. This is the default value.

No—Causes the driver to install the firmware with which it is bundled if that firmware is newer than the firmware that is currently installed in the client adapter.

New EAP-SIM supplicant—A new extensible authentication protocol-subscriber identity module (EAP-SIM) supplicant is available for downloading from the ftpeng file transfer protocol (FTP) server. This new supplicant is an upgrade to the version included in the Cisco Aironet Client Adapter Installation Wizard version 1.1 file. It provides new features, supports more recent versions of the EAP-SIM draft standard, and can be used with Gemplus subscriber identity module (SIM)+ smartcards as well as standard Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) SIM cards.

Please read the Release Notes for information about resolved and unresolved caveats (software bugs) for this release.

Download this software release from the Cisco Wireless Software Center. Cisco Aironet software contains encryption technologies controlled by the U.S. government. Users who download this software will be prompted to apply for permission to access these encrypted files.