Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

End of Life Announcement

Product Bulletin No. 1871

End of Life Announcement

End of Life Announcement for

  • IGX-ARM and its back card BC-512011

  • BC-UAI-4-STM1E and the corresponding bundle IGX-UXME-4-STM1E

End of Life Details

For reasons of low shipment volumes, Cisco Systems is announcing End of Sales (EoS) for following bundles and modules:

Table 1:
Product Product Description


Alarm Relay Module


Alarm Relay Interface (ARI) back card


UXM/UXSM STM1 Electrical 4 port back card


One IGX-UXM with a 4 port STM1 Electrical back card

The effective date is August 30, 2002. Customer will receive Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and RMA support for these modules as noted below (see Milestone Dates).

There is no replacement for the modules listed in Table 1.

Milestone Effective Date for EoL

Announcement of End of Sales and End of Life: March 14, 2002

End of Sales: August 30, 2002

End of Engineering (Firmware and Hardware): February 2005

End of Service Contract Renewal: February 24, 2006

End of Support/End of Life: February 23, 2007

Ordering Information

August 30, 2002 will be the last date to enter orders for all items listed in Table 1. Hardware support will be provided until February 2007. Customers will continue to receive Technical Assistance Center and RMA support until February 23, 2007.