Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

IGX-ALM/A and IGX-NPM-16 EOS Announcement, No. 894

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Product Bulletin No. 894


End of Sales

Discontinue Contracts Renewal

End Of support/End of Life

Product Bulletin No. 894

IGX-ALM/A and IGX-NPM-16 EOS Announcement

Cisco is officially announcing the End of Sales (EOS) for the IGX-ALM/A and IGX-NPM-16 modules, with an effective date of October 15, 1999. Existing Cisco customers with the IGX-ALM/A and IGX-NPM-16 modules will continue to receive TAC and RMA support for a period of five years after the EOS announcement date.

The Technology Migration Plan (TMP) offers customers good incentive to trade-in their IGX-ALM/A modules to IGX-UXM modules. The IGX-UXM modules provide higher density, higher performance and a technically superior solution to the IGX-ALM/A modules. The IGX-UXM modules can be ordered with Switch Software 9.1and higher.

Note that with Switch Software (SWSW) Release 8.2.3 and higher, IGX 8400 requires IGX-NPM-32 or IGX-NPM-64 modules. Customers can upgrade their IGX-NPM-16 modules to IGX-NPM-32 or IGX-NPM-64 modules using the step-up to IGX program (extended for IGX processor upgrades).

The below table briefly summarizes the migration path.

Existing Module
New Module
New Switch Software



9.1 and higher



8.2.3 and higher

In summary, Cisco's direction for the End of Sales of IGX-ALM/A and IGX-NPM-16 is as follows:)

Effective Date

End of Sales Announcement

April 15, 1999y

End of Sales effective

October 15, 1999

Discontinue Contract Renewal

April 15, 2003

End of Support/End of Life

April 15, 2004


End of Sales

After this milestone date, the IGX-NPM-16 and IGX-ALM/A modules may no longer be ordered.

Discontinue Contracts Renewal

The milestone date after which no maintenance contracts will be renewed for IGX-NPM-16 and IGX-ALM/A modules.

End Of support/End of Life

After this milestone date the IGX-NPM-16 and IGX-ALM/A modules are no longer supported by CSE/TAC.