Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers

Catalyst 8540MSR Four-Port OC-12c ATM Module, No 936

Product Bulletin, No. 936

Catalyst 8540MSR Four-Port OC-12c ATM Module

Cisco Systems, Inc., is announcing the introduction of a new series of high-density, high-speed ATM modules for the Catalyst® 8540 multiservice switch router (MSR) platform. This product bulletin explains the features and benefits of the new four-port OC-12c ATM module and compares it to the existing LightStream® 1010 OC-12c port adapter module (PAM). These high-density ATM interface modules provide four OC-12c ATM ports on a single line card for the Catalyst 8540MSR. They are available in both multimode and single-mode fiber(SMF) intermediate-reach (IR) versions. The modules are available through all distribution channels and are now shipping.

Part Numbers Description

Catalyst 8540 four-port OC-12c/STM4c MMF


Catalyst 8540 four-portOC-12c/STM4c MMF (spare)


Catalyst 8540 four-port OC-12c SMF-IR


Catalyst 8540 four-port OC-12 c SMF-IR (spare)

Catalyst 8540 High-Density ATM Interface Modules Series

The Catalyst 8540 high-density ATM interfaces allow the full bandwidth capacity of the Catalyst 8540MSR to be utilized. The 4-port OC-12c modules described here are complemented by the new 16-port OC-3 module. The 4-port OC-12c card is ideal for highly meshed, high-bandwidth backbone connectivity. These cards also allow unprecedented switch density for OC-12 LAN Emulation/Multiprotocol over ATM (LANE/MPOA) connections.

Comparison of the Catalyst 8540MSR High-Density Port Adapters and the LightStream 1010 PAMs

The existing LightStream 1010 PAMs can be deployed in the Catalyst 8540MSR by using the Super-CAM. This scenario protects customer investment in existing technology and allows a wide assortment of interfaces implemented today. This approach does not, however, take advantage of the full slot bandwidth capacity of the Catalyst 8540MSR.

The new high-density modules address this issue by providing port densities that match the slot capacity of the Catalyst 8540MSR. The new four-port OC-12c module allows for a maximum of 32 OC-12c ports to be installed in a single chassis.