Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

Catalyst 6500 Series ATM OC-12 LANE/MPOA Soft Rel 12.0(5)XS1

Product Bulletin, No. 1057

Catalyst 6000 Family ATM OC-12 LANE/MPOA Module Software Release 12.0(5)XS1


Cisco Systems is pleased to announce improved software support for the new Catalyst® 6000 family asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) OC-12 LAN Emulation (LANE)/Multiprotocol routing over ATM (MPOA) modules via Cisco IOS® code version 12.0(5)XS1. This new software brings best-in-class ATM LANE, MPOA and request for comment (RFC) 1483 permanent virtual circuit (PVC) services to the Catalyst 6000 family of switches, enabling connectivity to ATM network backbones at speeds of 622 Mbps.

Hardware Support

ATM software Release 12.0(5)XS1 is supported on the following ATM OC-12 hardware modules:


Catalyst 6000 1-port OC-12 ATM Module, Multimode


Catalyst 6000 1-port OC-12 ATM Module, Singlemode

New Software Features in 12.0(5)XS1

  • Automatic ATM LANE Clients (LEC) creation via the VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)

  • Fast Simple Server Redundancy Protocol (FSSRP)

  • High availability—the Catalyst 6000 family ATM modules support high availability in systems running Supervisor Engine software Release 5.4(1) and later.

Software Features in 12.0(5)XS

  • ATM LANE services (LECS, LES, BUS, LEC)

  • MPOA client (MPC)

  • RFC 1483 PVCs with Traffic Shaping

  • Cisco Simple Server Redundancy Protocol (SSRP)

Useful References

Catalyst 6000 family data sheets:

Catalyst 6000 ATM OC-12 Module Software Release images:

Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Release Software:

System Requirements

ATM software Release 12.0(5)XS1 is supported on the Catalyst 6000 ATM OC-12 LANE/MPOA modules (WS-X6101-OC12-MMF and WS-X6101-OC12-SMF), is supported in any Catalyst 6000 chassis and requires Catalyst 6000 Supervisor software Release 5.3(2)CSX or later.

Ordering Information

Product Number Product Description

Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series IOS ATM OC12 Modules X6101


Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series IOS ATM OC12 Modules X6101

Customers can download IOS Release 12.0(5)XS1 ATM module software from Cisco Connection Online (CCO) in the Software Center. Customers who are unable to download the files electronically can order a software kit with 3.5-inch IBM formatted floppy disks by contacting Cisco at (408) 526-4000 or (800) 553-NETS (6387) in North America.

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