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EOS and EOL of Catalyst Matrix and Matrix Redundant Component

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Product Bulletin No. 1429


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Product Bulletin No. 1429

End of Sale and End of Life of Catalyst Matrix and Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component for Token Ring Switches


Cisco Systems is discontinuing the Catalyst" Matrix, which enables up to eight Catalyst 3900 and 3920 Token Ring switches to be stacked together, and the Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component. This document outlines the reasons and time line for discontinuing these products.

Announcement Details

Cisco's component supplier has recently discontinued several components used in the manufacture of the Catalyst Matrix (WS-C3020) and Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component (WS-X3021=). Because there are no acceptable substitutes for the discontinued components, Cisco will no longer be able to provide these products when the current stock is exhausted. However, customers will continue to be able to use the Catalyst 3900 and 3920 Token Ring switches stacked in a back-to-back configuration without the Catalyst Matrix.

At the current rate of shipment, the stock of these products will last until approximately the end of 2001; however, this projection is completely dependent on the order rate. Therefore, Cisco is officially announcing the End of Sales (EOS) for the Catalyst Matrix and the Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component with an effective date of December 31, 2001. There are no replacements for these products.

The Token Ring market has declined significantly since 1998, making it economically unfeasible for many suppliers to continue manufacturing these products for Cisco as well as for other Token Ring vendors. Although most Token Ring users have either completed or are in the process of migration to a network based on Ethernet, users who have not made specific plans should consider doing so as soon as possible.

Existing Cisco customers with the Catalyst Matrix or Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component will continue to receive Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and RMA support for a period of five years after the EOS announcement date.

In summary, the EOS plan for the Catalyst Matrix and Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component is outlined in Table 1.

Table 1  EOS Plan for the Catalyst Matrix and Catalyst Matrix Redundant Component 

Effective Date

End of Sales Announcement

July 31, 2001

End of Sales

December 31, 2001, or until current supplies are exhausted

Discontinue Contract Renewal

January 1, 2005

End of Support/End of Life

January 1, 2006


End of Sales—After this milestone date, orders for the WS-C3020 and WS-X3021= will no longer be accepted.

Discontinue Contracts Renewal—After this milestone date, no maintenance contracts will be renewed for theWS-C3020 and WS-X3021= products.

End of Support/End of Life—After this milestone date, the WS-C3020 and WS-X3021= are no longer supported by CSE/TAC.

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