Cisco Catalyst 3500 XL Series Switches

Cisco IOS S/W Ongoing Maintenance & Version Releases - No. 1138

Product Bulletin - No. 1138

Terms and Conditions: Cisco IOS Software Ongoing Maintenance and Version Releases

For as long as the original purchaser uses the Catalyst® 2900 series XL and/or Catalyst 3500 series XL products, Cisco will make available at no extra charge all of its generally available Maintenance and Version Releases to the version of Cisco IOS® software which was originally provided with the product, as defined in the Cisco standard support documentation to the extent applicable to the version originally licensed. All such releases will be provided on the Cisco then-current standard software license and SMARTnetSM support terms and conditions applicable to software updates, including warranty terms and disclaimers thereof. This offer shall not obligate Cisco to publish any updates or extend support for any particular product. Cisco shall not be responsible for the cost of any additional hardware required to operate the product with the releases.