Cisco Catalyst 3000 Series Switches

End of Sales Announcement for 4-MB Catalyst 3000 - No. 649

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Product Bulletin No. 649

Product Bulletin No. 649

End-of-Sales Announcement for 4-MB Catalyst 3000 (WS-C3016 and WS-C3016A), to be Replaced by 8-MB Catalyst 3000 (WS-C3016B)

Cisco Systems is announcing the end of sales for the 4-MB memory Catalyst® 3000 switch models (WS-C3016 and WS-C3016A). These models are being replaced with the 8-MB memory Catalyst 3000 switch model (WS-C3016B), a functionally equivalent and superior model offered at an equal or better price point. Please note—this is not an end-of-sales announcement for the 8-MB Catalyst 3000 switch (item WS-C3016B), but only for the 4-MB models of the Catalyst 3000 family.

The replacement WS-C3016B is superior in two ways, it:

Offers 8-MB of DRAM instead of 4-MB (supporting larger address table and code image)

Offers enhanced software features (that is, full duplex, EtherChannel® technology and virtual LANs) instead of unenhanced software features

Cisco is taking this step in order to improve and simplify the Catalyst 3000 family solution in the following ways:

By offering 8-MB enhanced software switches only

By allowing Cisco to offer the latest Release 2.X software on all new switch models shipping from manufacturing (future)

By eliminating the customer problem of needing memory upgrades on new equipment

Note that, starting with software Release 2.1 and later, 8-MB of DRAM is required in every Catalyst 3000 switch model.

Table 1  Catalyst 3000 Switch Models Affected

Models Discontinued
Replacement Model





End-of-sales date: July 28, 1997

Orders placed on or after July 28, 1997, will be handled according to Customer Service standard order-handling procedures for nonorderable items.

Cisco support for the WS-C3016 and WS-C3016A will be provided for five years following end of sales (until July 28, 2002) or in accordance with Cisco's standard support procedures.