Cisco BPX 8600 Series Switches

End of Life of BPX-BCC-4V Card, No. 1133

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Product Bulletin, No. 1133


Ordering Information

Product Bulletin, No. 1133

End of Life of BPX-BCC-4V Card


Cisco Systems is announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the BPX-BCC-4V controller card. The replacement card is the
BPX-BCC-4V/B. The BPX-BCC-4V/B implements the following changes:

Redesigned poll clock duty cycle

AC and signal noise reduction

The BPX-BCC-4V/B is fully compatible with 8.4, 9.1, and 9.2 SW and all levels of FW that are available on the original BCC-4V. The new card can be mixed in nodes with the BPX-BCC-4V.

Ordering Information

The new model numbers ar:
Model Number

End of Life Announcement: May 31, 2000

End of Sales: November 30, 2000

Last Day to Ship Product: May 31, 2001

End of Hardware Support: May 31, 2005

The BPX-BCC-4V/B is available in the configurator and in the pricing agent. We encourage our customers to begin ordering the BPX-BCC-4V/B; please note that ship dates for the new card are substantially better than those for the original BCC-4V.

For more information contact:

Pam Kanazawa
Product Manager
MSSBU, Cisco Systems
Phone: 408 527-0844