Cisco MGX 8800 Series Switches

Cisco MGX 8000 MGX-FRSM-12-T3/E3 Frame Relay Module

Data Sheet

Cisco MGX-FRSM 12 x T3/E3
Frame Service Module

The Cisco MGX® 8000 MGX-FRSM-12-T3/E3 is a high-speed Frame Relay module for the Cisco MGX 8000 Series Advanced ATM Multiservice Switch used in combination with the Cisco PXM-45 Processor Switching Module. This module can currently support up to 12 ports of T3 unchannelized Frame Relay interfaces with support for the E3 interfaces being provided in a later software release. With this module, up to 144 T3 or E3 ports can be operated simultaneously on the Cisco MGX 8800 Series Multiservice Switch.

Key Features

  • Interfaces: Frame Relay User-Network Interface/Network-Network Interface (UNI/NNI) and Frame Relay forwarding

  • 4000 connections per port and 16,000 connections per card

  • FRF.5 and FRF.8.1 interworking

  • Local Management Interface (LMI), enhanced LMI, and FRF.1.2

  • Ingress per-virtual circuit queuing and Frame Relay-based policing

  • Standard available bit rate (ABR) with virtual source/destination

  • 1:1 hot-standby card redundancy and Y-cable redundancy

Key Applications

  • High-speed Frame Relay-based access for L2 ad L3 VPNs

  • DS3 Frame Relay service

  • E3 Frame Relay service

Technical Specifications

Physical Layer Interface

T3 Interfaces

  • Twelve DS-3 (44.736 Mbps +/-20 ppm) interfaces with dual female SMB connectors per port  (separate receive and transmit interfaces)

  • Binary 8-zero substitution (B8ZS) line coding

  • Pulse shape conforming to ANSI T1.102.1993

  • 1:1 redundancy with Y-cabling for T3 FRSM cards of the same type

  • Loss of signal (LoS), out of frame (OOF), alarm indication signal (AIS), resource availability indicator (RAI), and far-end block error (FEBE) alarm detection/generation support

  • Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) F5 AIS, remote deflect identification (RDI), and end-to-end/segment loopback support

E3 Interfaces

  • Twelve G.703 (34.368 Mbps +/-20 ppm) interfaces with dual female SMB connectors per port (separate receive and transmit interfaces)

  • High-density bipolar with three zeros (HDB3) line coding

  • Pulse shape conforming to ITU G.703

  • ITU G.751 line framing format

  • 1:1 redundancy with Y-cabling for T3 FRSM cards of the same type

  • LOS, OOF, AIS, RAI, and FEBE alarm detection/generation support

  • OAM F5 AIS, RDI, and end-to-end/segment loopback support

Data Link Layer

All Port Types

  • Valid frame sizes are 5 to 4510 octets for Frame Relay.

  • Valid frame sizes are 3 to 9420 octets for Frame Relay forwarding.

  • The module supports up to 16,000 virtual connections per card.

  • The module supports up to 4000 virtual connections per port.

  • The module has 2- or 4-byte headers.

  • Each logical port on the module is independently configurable to run Frame Relay UNI, Frame Relay NNI, or Frame Relay forwarding.

Connection Control

  • The Cisco MGX 8000 MGX-FRSM-12-T3/E3 uses the standard PNNI call control available on the Cisco MGX 8000 Switch to provision and manage soft permanent virtual circuits (SPVCs).

Frame Relay

  • Each logical port is independently configurable as Frame Relay UNI or Frame Relay NNI.

  • The module meets the ANSI T1.618 standard, using two- or four-byte headers.

  • The module supports the Interpreted Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone (CCITT)-16 cyclic redundancy check (CRC) at the end of the frame (frame discard if in error) and CCITT-32 for large frames.

  • The module supports ITU-T Q.933 Annex A, ANSI T1.617 Annex D, and Local Management Interface (LMI) local management for semipermanent virtual circuits (both UNI and NNI portions); enhanced LMI provides autoconfiguration of traffic-management parameters for attached Cisco routers.

  • Frame Relay-to-ATM network interworking (FRF.5) and Frame Relay-to-ATM service interworking (FRF 8.1), both transparent and translation modes, are configured on a per-permanent virtual circuit (PVC) basis.

  • The module supports standards-based committed information rate (CIR) policing and discard-eligible tagging/discarding.

  • The module supports Frame Relay-based policing.

  • The module supports high priority, real-time variable bit rate (rt-VBR), non-real time variable bit rate (nrt-VBR), variable bit rate (VBR), and available bit rate (ABR) QoS.

Frame Forwarding

  • No assumptions are made on the frame header format.

  • The module supports the Interpreted CCITT-16 CRC at end of the frame (with frame dropping on an error) and CRC-32 for large frames.

  • Policing is applied at the port level.

  • The module supports high priority, rt-VBR, nrt-VBR, VBR, and ABR QoS.

General Card Information


  • Per card: Active (green), standby (yellow), fail (red)

  • Per line: Active and OK (green), active and local alarm (red), active and remote alarm (yellow)

Maintenance/Serviceability Features

  • Internal problem isolation loopbacks

  • Hot-pluggable


  • FRSM-12T3/E3 = -48 VDC, 86W

Card Size

  • Front card dimensions: (H x D): 15.83 x 15.65 in. (40.20 x 39.75 cm)

  • Back card dimensions: (H x D): 7.0 x 4.125 in. (17.78 x 10.77 cm)

Electrical, Safety, and Standards Compliance

  • FCC Part 15 Class A

  • EN55022

  • EN 60950 second edition

  • UL 1950 second edition

  • EC 1000-4-2

  • NEBS GR-63-CORE, GR-1089-CORE (Level 3)

Ordering Information


Twelve clear-channel/subrate T3/E3 Frame Relay service modules


Single height back card for FRSM-12T3E3