Cisco MGX 8200 Series Edge Concentrators

Cisco MGX 8250 Edge Concentrator


Data Sheet

Cisco MGX 8250 Edge Concentrator

The Cisco MGX™ 8250 Edge Concentrator supports aggregation of a complete range of IP, voice, and narrowband services in an IP+ATM network. It can be used as a standalone gateway or as an edge concentrator for the Cisco BPX 8600 series and MGX 8850 PXM-45 Advanced ATM multiservice switches.

Key Features

  • Full featured narrowband ATM for managed data, voice, and video services

  • Comprehensive range of Frame Relay, ATM, Circuit Emulation, Voice and IP services

  • Full redundancy for maximum service flexibility


  • Frame Relay

  • ATM

  • Frame Relay-to-ATM networking interworking

  • Frame Relay-to-ATM service interworking

  • Circuit Emulation

  • Voice over IP

  • Voice over ATM

  • IP transport

  • IP VPNs

  • Virtual Switch Architecture for Multiple Control Plane Usage

Cisco MGX 8250 System Specifications

Mechanical Configuration

  • 32 single-height (16 double-height) function module slots (single-height slots can be in-service converted to double-height slots by removal of midrail dividers)

  • 2 double-height slots reserved for redundant processor switch modules

  • 4 single-height (2 double-height) slots reserved for optional value-added service resource modules

  • 24 single-height (12 double-height) slots for service modules


  • H x W x D: 29.75 x 17.72 x 21.5 in.
    (75.6 x 45.0 x 54.6 cm)

  • Rack-mountable in 19 and 23-in. EIA/RETMA and European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) racks

Switching Fabric

  • 1.2 Gbps shared-memory fabric (processor switching module)

Network Interfaces

  • OC-12c/STM-4

  • OC-3c/STM-1

  • T3

  • E3

  • Channelized T3 (down to DS0)

  • n x T1/E1

  • T1/E1

  • Channelized T1 (down to DS0)

  • Channelized E1

  • High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI), X.21, V.35

  • Ethernet

  • Fast Ethernet


Optional Redundancy

  • All core components can be configured for redundancy including the control processor, switching fabric, network interfaces, critical backplane signals, service interfaces, power supplies, and power modules.

Node Synchronization

  • Internal Stratum-4E clocking

  • Internal Stratum-3 clock source (optional)

  • BITs reference clock (optional)

  • External T1/E1 building integration timing supply (BITS) source

  • External source received inband over the network

  • Synchronization to software-programmable primary and secondary sources, with automatic switchover

Network Management

Cisco WAN Manager (CWM) is a Telecommunications Management Network standards-based network and element management system that enables operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) of the Cisco MGX 8250 Multiservice Gateway.

  • Robust and scalable architecture meets the demand of service providers to provision and deliver a complete portfolio of differentiated services

  • Web-based graphical user interface

  • SNMP and Open API for seamless integration with OSS and third-party management systems

  • Full FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security) features

  • Integrates with Cisco Info Center and Cisco Provisioning Center for multivendor, multitechnology end-to-end VPN service assurance and activation

  • Collection of usage data from network connections and interfaces for innovative usage-based billing to customers

  • Available on major UNIX platforms (Solaris, HPUX, AIX) and integrate with HP OpenView

Professional Services

Cisco offers a full range of professional service options for the MGX 8250, including network design and audit services, project management, equipment installation, and turnkey network implementation.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input power required: -48 VDC

  • Optional AC powering

  • Typical power consumption: 1000W

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • EN55022 (CISPR22)

  • CFR 47 Part 15 (FCC)

  • AS/NZS 3548 (Australia/New Zealand)

  • ETS 300 386-2 (EN300 386-2)

  • EN 61000-4-2 (IEC-61000-4-2)

  • EN 61000-4-3 (IEC-61000-4-3)

  • EN 61000-4-4 (IEC-61000-4-4)

  • EN 61000-4-5 (IEC-61000-4-5)

Electrical and Safety Standards Compliance

  • EMI/ESD compliance

    • FCC Part 15

    • Bellcore GR1089-CORE

    • IEC 801-2

    • EN55022

  • Safety compliance

    • UL 1950, CSA C22.2No. 950, EN60950,
      AS/NZS 3260, IEC 60950

    • IEC 60825-1, EN60825-1

    • Bellcore NEBS: Level 3-compliant

    • Optical safety: IEC 825-1 (Class 1)

Standards Compliance

  • FCC 47 CFR Part 68

  • Industry Canada CS-03

  • ITU-T G.703

  • ANSI T1.102

  • ANSI T1.107

  • ANSI T1.105

  • ITU-T G.957

  • ITU-G-783 Annex-A