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Cisco ONS 15454 Timing, Communication, and Control Plus Card


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Data Sheet

Cisco ONS 15454 Timing, Communication, and Control Plus Card

The Cisco ONS 15454 Timing, Communication, and Control Plus (TCC+) card is the memory-enhanced version of the first-generation TCC card providing the Cisco ONS 15454 solution with overall control of the system. A TCC+ card performs system initialization, provisioning, alarm reporting, maintenance, diagnostics, IP address detection/resolution, SONET DCC termination, and system fault detection. The TCC+ card resides in slots 7 and 11 on the shelf assembly, providing 1:1 equipment protection.
The TCC+ card incorporates system timing source selection and a highly stable, stratum 3, internal timing reference. Nonvolatile database storage for communication, provisioning, and system control is provided on the TCC+ card, allowing complete removal of system power with full database recovery and survivability.

The TCC+ has two built-in interface ports for accessing the system: an RJ-45 connector and an RS-232 connector. The RJ-45 craft interface browser LAN connection allows users to access the system using a standard Web browser. While using the browser interface, local and remote operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P) functions may be performed. In addition, a VT100 emulation window may be opened via the browser, allowing users to enter TL1 commands. If a browser is not available, users can access the system using the nine-pin, RS-232 port. The RS-232 port supports VT100 emulation, such that TL1 commands may be entered directly without the use of a browser.

The front panel of the TCC+ card incorporates nine LEDs, including:

Three operational LEDs:

- Red "FAIL" LED—Indicates the TCC+ card hardware is not functioning properly
- Combination green/yellow "ACT/STBY" LED—Indicates the TCC+ card operational status, whether in active or standby state

Six system level LEDs:

- Two red "CRIT and MAJ" LEDs—Indicate the presence of critical and major alarms in the system, either at the local or remote terminal
- Yellow "MIN" LED—Indicates the presence of minor alarms in the system, either at the local or remote terminal
- Red "REM" LED—Indicates when critical, major, or minor alarms are present in remote terminals
- Green "SYNC" LED—Indicates when the active TCC+ qualifies an external reference for system timing.
- Yellow "ACO" LED—Indicates when the alarm cutoff (ACO) function is activated

The TCC+ card includes an ACO button, allowing the user to extinguish audible alarms on the system that have been wired to the audible alarm contact-closure pins located on the rear panel of the Cisco ONS 15454 shelf assembly.

The TCC+ card is supported under system software release series 2.x and future series 3.x.

Table 1: TCC+ Technical Specifications

Single Width

12.65 x .716 x 9 in.

Power Consumption




-40 to 149ºF (-40 to 65ºC)


-40 to 185ºF (-40 to 85ºC)



5 to 95%, Non-condensing


5 to 95%, Non-condensing

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Timing, Communications and Control Plus Card