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Cisco Channelized DS3 Interface Processor Model 20 End of Sale

Product Bulletin No. 682

Cisco Channelized DS3 Interface Processor Model 20 End of Sale


This product bulletin covers the issues associated with the end of sale of the Channelized DS3 Interface Processor Model 20 (CT3IP-20) product and the appropriate upgrade product.

The last order date for this product is January 29, 1998. The last order date has been accelerated because of the price reduction of the existing CT3IP-40. The CT3IP-40 product is a form, fit, and function replacement for the CT3IP-20. Information about products affected by this announcement, product availability, maintenance, and product substitutions are included.


The CT3IP product family is based on the Versatile Interface Processor 2 (VIP2) product family. The VIP2 family has been streamlined to simplify product selection, remove many configuration limitations, and collapse distributed switching and distributed services features into a single product offering. These same changes are being propagated to the CT3IP family.


CT3IP-20 has entered end of sales with the recent decision to combine the distributed services capability of the CT3IP-40 with the distributed switching capability of the CT3IP-20. The price of the CT3IP-40 has been reduced to the level of the CT3IP-20 concurrent with this end of sales announcement.

The last order date for the CT3IP-20 has been accelerated since the CT3IP-40 is a direct replacement at the same price point and has additional memory and increased capabilities.

Specific Products Affected

The following product is affected by this end-of-sales announcement.

Product No. Description
CT3IP-20 (=)

Channelized DS3 Interface Processor Model 20


End of Sale

January 29, 1998

After January 29, 1998, the CT3IP-20(=) will no longer be orderable.
End of software maintenance

No change in software maintenance

End of software maintenance for the CT3IP-20 is not being announced at this time.
End of hardware maintenance

January 29, 2003

After January 29, 2003 no hardware repairs or exchanges will be available for the CT3IP-20.

Product Substitution

For Cisco series 75xx routers and Cisco series 70x0 routers equipped with the Route Switch Processor (RSP)7000, the following products are direct replacements for those products entering end of sales.

End of Sale Product Replacement Product Advantages of Replacement


Increased SRAM to 2 Mbs

Increased DRAM to 32 Mbs

The CT3IP-40 provides both distributed switching and distributed services. Increased SRAM and DRAM over the CT3IP-20 allow a greater range of service options.

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