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PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P Channel Port Adapters End of Sale Update

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Product Bulletin No. 1433

Previous Announcement


Product Bulletin No. 1433

PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P Channel Port Adapters End of Sale Announcement Update

Cisco Systems announced the End of Sale (EOS) for the PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P Channel Port Adapter (CPA) in April 2001. Since then, orders for the PA-1C-E CPA have been received at a slightly higher rate than anticipated. This has caused the depletion of the components needed to build this product. Because no additional components are available, Cisco is therefore announcing the immediate EOS for the PA-1C-E. No more orders can be accepted for this product, effective immediately. All other dates detailed in the original announcement, including those for the PA-1C-P, remain as stated.

Previous Announcement

In March 1998 Cisco announced the availability of the CPA, which provided mainframe channel connectivity support on the Cisco 7200 Series router platforms. Since that announcement, the CPA has performed very well and has had high customer acceptance, with thousands shipped to customers throughout the world. In November 2000, Cisco introduced a high-performance version of the CPA, the ECPA4, offering more than twice the performance and four times the memory of the original CPA cards. As commonly happens in the semiconductor industry, some of the components of the original CPA cards have now become obsolete and will no longer be available when our current supply is exhausted. Therefore, in April 2001 Cisco officially announced the EOS for the original single-width port adapters, the PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P, with an effective date of October 30, 2001, for the PA-1C-E and January 30, 2002, for the PA-1C-P. Existing Cisco customers with these products would continue to receive Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and RMA support for a period of five years after the EOS announcement date. The ECPA4 (PA-4C-E) would continue to be available.

The Technology Migration Plan (TMP) offers customers good incentive to trade-in their PA-1C modules for ECPA4 modules (PA-4C-E.) The ECPA4 modules provide higher density, higher performance, and a technically superior solution to the PA-1C modules. Note that the ECPA4 module is ESCON only. There is no direct replacement for the PA-1C-P Bus and Tag module. The ECPA4 modules can be ordered with Cisco IOS" Release 12.1(5)T1 and higher.

Table 1 briefly summarizes the migration path, and Table 2 summarizes the milestones.

Table 1  CPA-to-ECPA4 Migration Path  

Existing Module
New Module
New Software



Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)T1 and higher




Table 2  EOS Milestones for PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P

Effective Date

EOS Announcements

April 16 and August 7, 2001


August 7, 2001


January 30, 2002

Discontinue Contract Renewal

May 1, 2005

End of Support/End of Life

May 1, 2006


The following definitions apply to these milestones:

End of Sales—After these milestone dates, orders for the PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P modules will no longer be accepted.

Discontinue Contracts Renewal—After this milestone date, no maintenance contracts will be renewed for PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P modules.

End of support/End of Life—After this milestone date, the PA-1C-E and PA-1C-P modules will no longer be supported by CSE/TAC.