Cisco 1500 Series Micro Hubs

Cisco 1528U Micro Hub End-of-Life

Product Bulletin - No. 890

Cisco 1528U Micro Hub End-of-Life

With the introduction of the all-new Cisco 1538 series Micro Hub, Cisco Systems will no longer offer the older Cisco 1528 series Micro Hub. Cisco has created a pair of higher-functionality Fast Ethernet repeaters---and at lower price points than the older Micro Hub model. The new Cisco 1538 series Micro Hub offers two stackable, manageable autosensing Fast Ethernet hubs. Higher functionality and lower prices for these new products render the older product series unneccesary. This bulletin signals the end-of- sales for the older, less competitive Cisco1528U-DS. The following is a summary of the obsolete product and their replacements:

Product Obsolescence Plan
Last Orderable Date

May 14, 1999

Last Support Date

May 14, 2004

EOL Model Number Replacement Product Replacement Model Number

Manageable, stackable 10/100 Micro Hub


Managed, stackable 10/100 Micro Hub


Customers who need simple, unmanaged 10/100 connectivity can purchase the CISCO1538. Customers who want a managed solution can purchase a standalone managed CISCO1538M, or they can purchase a stack of CISCO1538 hubs stacked with a CISCO1538M.