Cisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switches

Cisco Web Network Services (Web NS) Software


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Cisco Web Network Services Software

Providing customer, content, and resource intelligence to enable new Web business services.

Cisco Web Network Services (Web NS) software enables Web businesses to allocate site resources for optimal business benefit. With patented content switching technology, Cisco Web NS software delivers the industry's most mature, feature-rich and high-speed Layer 5 to Layer 7 switching.

Designed for and proven in the most demanding Web networks, Cisco Web NS software provides a reliable and secure medium for conducting Web business. Cisco Web NS software also helps host and service providers to rapidly deploy high-value services for their customers—from shared to managed Web hosting to content delivery and distribution—maximizing margins and customer satisfaction.

Cisco Web NS Software Applications

Site and System Security

Cisco CSS 11000 series content services switches with Cisco Web NS software ensure high levels of security without compromising site performance. Cisco Web NS enables Cisco CSS 11000 series switches to provide stateful, content-based access control, and support security policies based on any combination of source address, destination address, protocol, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port, or URL. Cisco Web NS software monitors the complete Web transaction, logging and discarding denial of service (DoS) attacks such as SYN floods, ping floods, "smurfs," and any other undesirable connection attempts. Wire-speed network address translation (NAT) protects real server IP addresses. For additional security, the Cisco CSS 11000 series intelligently directs traffic across multiple firewalls.

By load balancing firewalls, Cisco Web NS software eliminates performance bottlenecks and single points of failure that result in system downtime, which can close off the connection to the network, and disrupt e-commerce purchases or other mission-critical transactions.


In addition to comprehensive security, Cisco Web NS software provides unique capabilities that optimize e-business. Powered by Cisco CSS 11000 series switches, Cisco Web NS software ensures reliable transactions with cookie switching, ensuring "sticky" connections between users and applications during secure and nonsecure portions of the transaction, and eliminating dropped shopping carts. Cookie switching also allows e-businesses to prioritize users and transactions, providing premium service for high-priority customers.

Cisco Content Delivery and Distribution

Cisco Web NS software provides a complete solution for building and provisioning Internet scale, global content distribution and delivery. With Cisco Web NS software and distributed Cisco CSS 11000 series switches, HTTP requests are routed to the optimum server in the best content distribution and delivery node based on network and server availability, load, and user proximity.

Cisco Web NS software ensures that the requested content is delivered to the user directly over the optimum path. The content replication features in Cisco Web NS software can be used to provision distributed content staging and replication services or to dynamically scale site capacity in response to sudden traffic surges. With Cisco Web NS software, service providers can create competitive, purpose-built content distribution and delivery services for their customers, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction, while maximizing revenues and margins.

Web and Application Hosting

With Cisco Web NS software, Web and application service providers (ASPs) can provision a broad range of hosting services—from low-cost shared Web hosting to managed Web and application hosting. Premium shared Web hosting is created with service-level guarantees and traffic reporting, with low cost redundancy for critical content distributed among multiple Web servers. Managed Web hosting services are enhanced with managed security services, e-commerce transaction assurance and cookie switching, load balancing among multiple data centers, content staging and distribution, and flash crowd insurance. Because Cisco Web NS software detects the frequency of requests to a site and can replicate hot content to overflow servers or caches, it enables dynamic expansion of site capacity in response to sudden "flash crowds" for "hot" content, or seasonal peaks in traffic that can overwhelm servers.

Cisco Web NS Benefits

  • Enables high-speed routing of HTTP requests to the best site server based on user and transaction priority, proximity, and comprehensive resource verification data

  • Provides dynamic distribution and optimized delivery for all types of static and dynamic Web content

  • Features content-based access control, DoS attack prevention, and firewall load balancing to ensure availability of business-critical Web sites

  • Provides efficient use of Web server and cache resources and reduced management complexity, decreasing overall costs of Web infrastructure

  • Enables reliable, scalable Web services for high-traffic, fast-growth e-commerce and content delivery businesses

  • Supported on all Cisco CSS 11000 series switches

Web NS Software Specifications

Part Number Specifications

Web NS 4.0 Basic Feature Set for the CSS 11050


Web NS 4.0 Enhanced Feature Set for the CSS 11050


Web NS 4.0 Basic Feature Set for the CSS 11150


Web NS 4.0 Enhanced Feature Set for the CSS 11150


Web NS 4.0 Basic Feature Set for the CSS 11800


Web NS 4.0 Enhanced Feature Set for the CSS 11800

Cisco Web NS software standard features are bundled with each Cisco CSS 11000 series switch and include all content switching features for a local Web site or a caching point of presence (POP).

Cisco Web NS software enhanced features are available for each Cisco CSS 11000 series switches and include support for multisite content routing and site selection, all content replication features, and content distribution and delivery services.