Cisco EnergyWise Suite

Cisco EnergyWise Management Suite Data Sheet

The Cisco EnergyWise Management Suite is a family of products and services that enable and support customers who want to reduce energy costs and optimize the energy consumption of their data center and distributed office environments by seeing, measuring, and managing the energy of all IP-connected systems. Using Cisco EnergyWise Management software along with Cisco EnergyWise Discovery and Cisco EnergyWise Optimization Services, customers gain unprecedented visibility into the energy consumption and utilization of every device and system connected to their network. Cisco EnergyWise Management also provides customers active power management capabilities to reduce overall energy costs.

Figure 1 shows how the Cisco EnergyWise Suite provides energy intelligence to help you gain new visibility into energy use and reduce energy costs.

Products and Services

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Distributed Office: Provides continuous energy usage visibility, analytics, and policy-based energy management to help customers reduce their IT energy costs throughout their distributed office environments. This software solution performs network-based monitoring of all IP-connected devices and systems regardless of vendor in the distributed office, including PCs, Macs, IP phones, access points, printers, switches, routers, and more.

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Data Center: Provides continuous energy usage visibility, analytics, and policy-based energy management to help customers gain 100 percent visibility into their data center energy usage. This software solution performs network-based monitoring of all devices and systems regardless of vendor in the data center, including physical and virtual servers, routers, switches, power distribution units (PDUs), storage devices, and more.

Cisco EnergyWise Fast Start: Free limited-function 90-day software license to help customers try Cisco EnergyWise Management software before they purchase it and get their energy visibility and savings kick-started. Fast Start license includes monitoring of all data center and distributed office devices and management of devices enabled by Power over Ethernet, Cisco®, and Cisco EnergyWise along with basic reporting features and return on investment calculations.

Cisco EnergyWise Discovery Service: This service offering allows customers to get detailed energy benchmarking and visibility of their IT assets. This 90-day service engagement includes remote installation of Cisco EnergyWise Management software, detailed data collection, measurement of the customer's energy baseline data, biweekly energy discovery reporting, and an executive summary of specific savings opportunities customers can get using Cisco EnergyWise Management software.

Cisco Energy Manager Optimization Service: Twelve-month subscription service focused on energy optimization for your IT infrastructure. Cisco EnergyWise Management software is included in your optimization service and helps enable centralized management over the network and achieve 100 percent visibility into your data center energy use and energy savings throughout your distributed office.


Cisco EnergyWise Management provides continuous energy usage visibility through network-based monitoring of all devices and systems, regardless of vendor, in the data center and distributed office.


Cisco EnergyWise Management provides advanced energy analytics and precisely determines energy efficiency and savings opportunities by analyzing energy usage and carbon emissions by any grouping such as date, time, location, device, and application.


Cisco EnergyWise Management reduces energy costs and improves energy efficiency through planning and simulation, optimization, policy enforcement, and event-driven rules, without affecting availability and user productivity.
Figure 2 shows the benefits of using Cisco EnergyWise Management.


Energy visibility: Comprehensive visibility of energy consumption, cost, and utilization throughout your distributed office and data centers. See energy by physical location, business unit, data center row, rack, slot, device, virtual machine, and more.

Immediate savings: Begin saving on energy costs from the moment management policies are enabled, while meeting SLAs and without impeding performance.

Powerful analytics and reporting: Help quantify, justify, and prioritize energy savings and carbon reduction savings.

Alerting capabilities: Set thresholds to alert on power, utilization, and temperature conditions.


• Ability to remotely manage, analyze, and control energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon emissions

• Automated discovery of all IT assets connected to the network

• Dynamic calculation of energy consumption on a per-device basis

• Network-based architecture, which means:

– No installation of device-side software

– No network reconfiguration

– No expensive hardware meters

– No hassles with maintenance, configuration, or patches

• Fast deployment time

• Time to benefit in hours/days, not weeks/months

Supported Distributed Office and Data Center Equipment

• Desktops and laptops:

– Windows

– Mac

– Linux

– Thin clients

– Virtualized desktops

• Monitors

• Printers

• Copiers

• Voice over IP (VoIP) phones

• Routers

• Switches

• Access points

• Virtual servers

• Physical servers

• Storage devices

• Routers

• Switches

• Power distribution units (PDUs)

• Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

• Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units

• And more

Minimum Hardware Requirements for Cisco EnergyWise Management Installation

4GB RAM, dual core, 20+ GB disk, Windows 2003 or later server.
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