Customer Collaboration

Differentiate Your Business

Enable your contact center to deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

Create Stronger Customer Relationships

See the six questions you have been asking yourself about the omnichannel customer experience. (PDF - 84.6 MB)

Create Stronger Customer Relationships
    • Contact Center Solutions

      • Consistently deliver a seamless, simplified, omnichannel customer experience.
      • Be competitive with highly flexible deployment models supported by an ecosystem of trusted partners.
      • Provide streamlined desktop experiences that increase agent efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.
      • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase profits and decrease costs in your contact center.
    • Options for Contact Center Solutions

      • Enhance contact center efficiency by generating reports based on an enterprise-wide view of timely and accurate data.
      • Record customer interactions for compliance and business intelligence.
      • Proven end-to-end architecture with validated design.
      • Proactively listen and respond to customers on social media.
      • Deliver self-service solutions that enhance the customers' experiences while ensuring efficiency for your contact center.

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

Personalize your customer care by delivering the omnichannel experience. (PDF - 120 KB)

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Innovate in Customer Care

Take advantage of the three waves of care: cost, relationship, and experience. (PDF - 286 KB)

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Find the Right Cloud Vendor

Learn how to choose a vendor to host your contact center in the cloud. (PDF - 415 KB)

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