Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone Guide 7920 for Cisco CallManger Express 3.2 and Later
Using Cisco IP Phone Services
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Using Cisco Unified IP Phone Services

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Using Cisco Unified IP Phone Services

Logging In to the User Options Web Pages

Subscribing to IP Phone Services

Accessing IP Phone Services

Using Cisco Unified IP Phone Services

Because your Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 is a network device, it can share information with other network devices in your company, including your computer.

You can establish, customize, and enable phone services, and control settings and features from your computer using the Cisco Unified CallManager User Options web pages. After you subscribe to IP Phone services, you can access them from your phone.

If you need additional assistance with the User Options web pages, refer to the Customizing Your Cisco Unified IP Phone on the Web guide, which is available on

Logging In to the User Options Web Pages

Step 1 Obtain a User Options URL, user ID, and default password from your system administrator.

Step 2 Open a web browser on your computer and enter the URL (provided by your system administrator) and log on.

Step 3 From the general menu, choose IP Phone 7920 in the "Select a device" drop-down list.

After you make your selection, a menu appears with options appropriate for your device type.

TipSelect IP Phone 7920 from the menu page to see all of your options.

Click Update to apply and save your changes.

Click Return to the Menu to get back to the context-sensitive menu.

Click Log Off to exit the User pages.

Subscribing to IP Phone Services

Before you can access IP Phone services on your phone, you need to subscribe to them by using your computer to access the User Options web pages. Contact your system administrator for your User Options URL.

Services can include:

Web-based information, such as stock quotes, movie listings, and weather reports

Network data, such as corporate calendars and searchable directories

Phone features, such as a Personal Address Book (PAB) and Fast Dial service from your PAB.

If you want to...
Then do this after you log in...
Subscribe to a service

Choose Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services. Select a service from the "Available Services" drop-down list and click Continue. Enter more information upon request (such as a zip code or PIN), then click Subscribe.

Change or end subscriptions

Choose Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services. Click a service in the "Your Subscribed Services" panel. Click Update after making changes, or click Unsubscribe.

Accessing IP Phone Services

After subscribing to phone services, you can access those services from your phone menu.


If you want to...
View available information services

Choose Menu, then press to switch to Services. Press Select to see your subscribed services.

Access an information service

Choose Menu > Services. Scroll to the service that you want, then press Select to see service information details.

Dial a number from your Personal Address Book (PAB)

Choose Menu > Services. Scroll to and select PAB service. Search for a listing by entering letters and press Submit.

If you get more than one result, scroll to the desired number. Press EditDial to add predial digits or change the number.

To dial from a listing, scroll to it and press .

Exit from Services

Press Exit and Back to return to the main screen or press .

TipThe Service menu can appear as "Svcs" softkey on the main menu. Your system administrator sets up this option.

You must subscribe to the Personal Address Book before you can access this service on your Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920.