Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Planning Guide
System Capacity Quick Reference Tables
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System Capacity Quick Reference Tables

System Capacity Quick Reference Tables

This module contains the system capacity tables for the system.

Maximum System Capacity and Scalability for Each System Size

The following table lists the maximum capacity for each system size.

Maximum Number 50 Concurrent Users 250 Concurrent Users 800 Concurrent Users 2000 Concurrent Users
Audio and web users (combined) 50 250 800 2000
Concurrent high-quality video users and video file sharing (combined) 25 125 400 1000
Participants in a meeting 50 100 100 100
Playback recordings of meetings that have ended 13 63 200 500
Recordings of meetings in progress 5 25 80 200
Calls per second 1 3 8 20
Conferences (assuming 2 participants per meeting) 25 125 400 1000
The maximum aggregate bandwidth utilization requirements are:
  • 50 concurrent users—125 Mbps
  • 250 concurrent users—625 Mbps
  • 800 concurrent users—2 Gbps
  • 2000 concurrent users—5 Gbps

This list is calculated based on the assumption that the worst case bandwidth usage is 1.8 Mbps, per user connection, on an aggregate basis. This value includes the limitation that only one-half of the maximum number of users can be using video at any time, and that users will typically not be in "theater mode" when slides are flipping or a video share is running. The average usage is less than one-half this value, but you should exercise caution when provisioning lower bandwidth as the user experience degrades rapidly when network links are saturated. This traffic is seen on the network links coming in to and out of the data center.


The bandwidth requirements for this product are fundamentally the same as for Cisco WebEx cloud services. If you wish to optimize your network provisioning, see

For complete details on system capacity, see the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server System Requirements.