Cisco IP/VC 3530 Video Terminal Adapter

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Specifications Overview

Series: Cisco Interface Cards
Product ID: IPVC-3530-VTA-RF
  • IPVC-3530-VTA-RF
Status: Orderable How to Buy
Release Date: 17-SEP-2002
End-of-Sale Date: None Announced
End-of-Support Date: None Announced
Serial Port: RS-232; 9-pin; D-type; DCE
Video Coding: H.261; QCIF/CIF
WAN Interface: Dual V.35 DCE with RS-366 Dialing-26-pn D-type connector
Audio Coding: G.711; G.722; G.728
Sessions Supported: One at up to 768 kbps
LAN Interface: One 10/100 Ethernet port; IEEE 802.3; 8-pin RJ45
Data Collaboration: Supports T.120 data collaboration
Call Control Features: Conference bandwidth can be specifi?ed within H.323 dialing strings; For incoming calls; supports all H.323 dialing modes (H.323 aliases or E.164 addresses); For outgoing calls; H.320 dialing string is directed to H.323 endpoints through a gatekeeper; Gatekeeper registration supports H.323 standard access control; bandwidth management; and security features
Gatekeeper Support: Supports gatekeeper in IP/VC Gateway; IP/VC MCU; or Cisco MCM

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