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Unity: The "New Exchange Subscriber" Option is Not Available

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Updated: Nov 29, 2007



When new subscribers are added in Cisco Unity, the option to add a new Microsoft Exchange user is not available. This document explains how to troubleshoot this issue.



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When an attempt is made to add new subscribers on a Cisco Unity server, the Exchange option does not appear in the Add Subscriber:Type of Subscriber:New Subscriber drop-down menu. The drop-down menu for New Subscriber is grayed out, and the only options are to import an existing user or create an internet user, as shown in this diagram:


This issue can occur if you select Import Existing subscribers Only in the Message Store Configuration Wizard (MSCW). In order to verify this, complete these steps:

  1. Log into Cisco Unity with the same account you used to run the MSCW procedure.

  2. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\User from item1\Local settings\Temp.

  3. Open the Tempu.log file.

  4. Scroll down to the date that you ran the MSCW procedure. Search for Set SystemParameters\1.0\DisableNewExchSub. If the value is 1, this means that when you ran the MSCW procedure, you chose to only import users from Exchange.


When the Exchange option does not appear when a new Cisco Unity subscriber is added, re-run the Message Store Configuration Wizard in order to resolve this issue.

Note:  It is recommended to run the MSCW during off-peak hours, since the wizard requires a restart of the Cisco Unity services.

  1. MSCW can be run from the Control Panel on the Cisco Unity server. Choose the Add/Remove Programs option, and then choose the Message Store Configuration Wizard.

    Note: Be sure to use an account that has Domain Admin privileges.

  2. When the Select how subscribers will be created screen appears, make sure to click the Create new accounts and import existing accounts radio button.


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Updated: Nov 29, 2007
Document ID: 100220