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How�do I�configure�my SPA�device and maximize the utilization?
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This article is one in a series to assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Cisco Small Business products (formerly Linksys Business Series).

Q. How�do I�configure�my SPA�device and maximize the utilization?



1. How can I check the IP Address on my SPA device?

Determine the IP address on the SPA device
1.�Please go to the SPA's voice menu.
2.�Press the **** key on your analog phone.
3.�Followed by 110# key.
4.�The current IP of your device will be announced.

2. Please guide me on how to configure Static IP Address on my SPA device?

Configure a Static IP address on the SPA device can be done with the following procedures.
From the voice menu, please press **** on your analog phone.
The following steps will help to configure the remaining settings.

1.�Press 101# and choose 0, to disable DHCP
2.�Press 111# to set the IP address by pressing 1
3.�Press 121# to set the Subnet Mask
4.�Press 131# to set the Default Gateway

3. I would like to try making calls by IP Address. Can you show me how to go about it?

Make a call by IP address
This example illustrates on calling via IP address from Line1 to Line2, but can be generalized from one SPA device to another SPA device:
1.�Go to line 1, assign UserID 1001
2.�Go to line 2, assign UserID 1002
3.�Set "Enable IP dialing" to yes
4.�Set "Make Call w/o Reg" and "Ans Call w/o Reg" to yes
At this point, we assume that you are calling from line 01 to line 02. You should press "1002*IP_ADDRESS*5061#"
If you are dialing another SPA device on its line01, press "uid_remote*ip_addr_remote*5060#"

4. How do I upgrade the SPA's firmware?

Upgrade the SPA's firmware with the following procedures
The latest firmware file(s) can be downloaded from the site
Firmware files are packaged in zip compressed format. Each file contains a windows binary ".exe" and the raw firmware ".bin" file. There are two methods to upgrade your SPA device:
Method A

1.�Run the windows executable from a Windows PC.
2.�The mini-application will trigger for the SPA device IP address.
3.�Application will then try to identify the SPA device and perform the upgrade. During this process, do not power off the SPA device.

Method B

1.�Place the raw firmware image "spa.bin" to a reachable tftp server.
2.�Go to the address bar of your web browser, and type http://spa-ip-address/upgrade?tftp://tftp-server-ip/spa.bin.
3.�The SPA device can use http in place of the tftp method. During this process, do not power off the SPA device.

5. Can you show me on how to configure SPA device Hotline function?

Configure the Hotline function can be done with the following procedures.
If you prefer to pick up the phone and automatically call a SPA at "ipaddress", please refer the following example.
In this example, we assume you have enabled IP calling (3rd Instruction in Step 3) and the call recipient has UserID of 1002 with SIP port 5061

Next, configure your dial plan to look like:

The example illustrates on configuration for IP dialing
Hotline functionality can be configured to dial any phone extension.

6. How do I save my current SPA configuration?

Method A
To save your current configuration settings, do httpget from a http client.
This method provides the entire html page.
Method B
Open up your browser.
Select "File -> Save as -> html" from any one of the pages.
This process will save all the tabs into one html file. (Use admin/advanced view.)
This is a useful html file for Linksys technical support.

7. How to disable the Message Waiting indicator?

Disable the Message Waiting indicator ring
The configuration for this feature can be found in the web-page administration, listed under the User tab.
Set "VMWI Ring Splash Len" to 0 to disable the ring.

8. How can I specify an upgrade rule?

Specify an upgrade rule
"Upgrade_Rule "
(!1.0.31) "tftp://tftp-server-ipaddress/spa.bin"

Based on the given example, the SPA device will function according to the following steps:
1. The SPA device will check its current firmware. If the status is known as current, no extra measures will be taken.
2. If the status is not current, the SPA device will download spa.bin via tftp. Alternatively, http is also possible to be implemented.
3. After downloading is complete, spa.bin is revised for the version number.

9. I need some guide on debugging my SPA Device and configuring my syslog as well.

Debug your SPA device and configure syslog
The SPA device sends out the debug information via syslog to a syslog server.
The ports can be configured. By default, it is 514.
You can apply the following steps:
Note: Make sure you do not have a firewall running on your PC that could block port 514.

1.�At the bottom of the system tab, set "Debug Server" to the IP address of your syslog server (example: x.y.z.w:PORT). Please note that this IP address must be reachable from the SPA device.
2.�Set "Debug level" to "3". (It is not necessary to set "syslog server" )
3.�To capture SIP signaling messages, under the line tab, set "SIP Debug Option" to "Full". File output will be "syslog.514.log".

10. I am curious about the Distinctive Ring feature in my SPA Device. How can I utilize it?

Use the Distinctive Ring feature on the SPA device
You can define eight ring patterns (cadences) shared by Line 1 and Line 2; namely Ring 1-8. The user can select a default ring for incoming calls from the eight ring patterns. You can also associate a list of caller patterns with each ring pattern so that a specific ring is played when the caller-id matches the designated pattern. For example: you can associate Ring 2 with 1408* and 1510*, so that whenever a caller from a 408 or 510 area code calls, the SPA device will use Ring 2.

A service provider can also request the SPA device to play a distinctive ring pattern for any inbound call. To do this, the service provider inserts an Alert-Info header in the inbound INVITE to the SPA device, specifying name of the ring pattern to play. By default the ring pattern names are Bellcore-r1 through Bellcore-r8.

11. I need some help to force a resync for my configuration update.

Force a resync for a configuration update
Method A
Type�http://spa-ip-address/resync?tftp://tftp-server/spa-config-file in your browser:
Method B
You can send a SIP NOTIFY message with "Event: resync" header.
Upon receiving this request, the SPA device will challenge with 401.
You will need to supply the account password information in the authorization header (computed with MD5 digest).

12. Can you show me with some examples on how to set up an alternative proxy setting and configure my DNS Server?

Set up an alternate proxy setting or� configure DNS Server
Use DNS SRV in your DNS zone file.
You can set up a DNS SRV record containing your sip proxies with a different priority for each of them.
A DNS SRV entry looks like the following example:
Example:����� SRV 0 1 5060
������������������������ SRV 1 1 5060
sipproxy1 has a higher priority than sipproxy2
From the SPA device, set "Use DNS SRV" to yes in the "line" tab setting; outbound proxy:
SPA supports five hosts per SRV record. For more information, please refer to rfc#3263.
If you use "_sip._udp", you can enable "DNS SRV Auto Prefix" for the SPA to automatically pre-pend "_sip._udp." to the proxy name
As an alternative, you can set your DNS so that it has entry of which points to multiple IP addresses. This will give random DNS resolution between the IPs with equal priority.

13. I need some help on how to configure my SPA device to disconnect it from my PBX.

Configure the SPA device to disconnect with your PBX
There are adjustable configuration parameters under the "Regional" tab. You can set a different tip/ring polarity when the call recipient is idle and connected; so when a call is disconnected, a polarity reversal can be sensed by the PBX.

An additional CPC option is added so that when the caller hangs up, the SPA device (as the call recipient) will remove tip/ring voltage briefly which can be sensed by the PBX.

14. Can you provide me some measures on how to troubleshoot proxy accepting registration not involving port 5060?

Troubleshoot proxy accepting registration other than port 5060
Enter the port number in your Proxy setting under the line configuration,

If you're using an Outbound Proxy, this setting needs to be in the Outbound Proxy field.

15. I need to configure my DialPlan Settings. Could you provide me with some possible combinations as well?

DialPlan Settings
The DialPlan configuration is a combination of possible dialing combinations.
It is separated by " | " sign. Here are some examples:

  • [2-9]xx xxxx - 7-digit local number (should not start with 0 or 1)�
  • 1 xxx xxx xxxx - US long distance, 1 + area code + local number�
  • 011 xxxxxx x - US international + 6 or more digits
  • <:1408> [2-9]xx xxxx - adds "1408" to the 7 digit number dialed
  • <111:1002@> - pressing 111, will dial the following IP address
  • <####:****> - pressing ####, will dial ****. Use to get around the IVR trigger.
  • < xx. > - this means anything, but don't forget to terminate the digit dialing with '#'
  • **xx. - this means you must have two stars as the prefix to the number you dial

16. What are the initial parameters for the Jitter Buffer? What are the impacts?

Parameters for the Jitter Buffer
This will affect the buffer size and delay.

  • low: 30ms
  • med: 40ms
  • high:60ms
  • very high:100ms
  • extremely high:160ms

The above data are initial values.
The SPA device will attempt to lower it gradually to the minimum value of 30ms.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108945